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They love sport. Mate.

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Q: Do Australians participate in sport
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Why did Australians participate in the Korean War?

Because they wanted to

Why do administrators participate in sport?

They participate to prevent any cheating in the game of sport

What is Australians favorite sport?


What are western australians faveourite sport?


What does sport mean to Australians?

it means the world

Why people participate in sport?

=== ===

Why can't ethnic minorites participate in sport?

ethnic minorities can participate in any sports that choose to participate in

In which sport does ponyboy participate?


What sport might one participate in a 'throw in'?

The sport that one might participate in a 'throw in' is ultimate. Ultimate is known as intense sport that uses flying discs, and is played by a team of people.

What is the meaning of cricket?

cricket is a famous sport for australians and britan.

Which sport does Mary Kom participate in?


What sport did Michael Phelps participate in?


What sport did Andrew Charlton participate in?


What is the most expensive sport to participate in?


What sport does Ryan shafer participate in?


In Tasha's school 0.600 of the students participate in a school sport If there are one thousand students in tasha's school how many participate in a school sport?

.6 x 1000= 600 what sports do you participate in?

Why do coaches participate in sport?

Coaches participate because it encourages the participants to do more and not think it unfair.

Do Australians devote too much time to sport?

It depends on your opinion

What are some Australian traditions?

There are few traditions which are celebrated by most Australians, as the Australians are a diverse people from a mix of cultural backgrounds. Many would suggest that watching sport is a strong tradition. It is for a significant number of Australians, but there are many who have no interest in sport. Weekend picnics and barbeques are very popular "traditions", but again, they are not appreciated by all Australians.

What sport do you participate in?

soccer,football,baseball, and basketball

What sport do most girls participate in Mexico?


Why should female students participate in sport?

They shouldn't.

In Justin's school 0.825 of the students participate in a sport. If there are one thousand students in Justin's school how many students participate in a sport?

this is the answer 100+200+300+225 = 0.825

What is a song that says something about Australia or Australians?

Tie me kangaroo down sport

What is the most popular sport in austraila?

The most popular and widespread sport in Australia is rugby. It is also referred to as "Footy" by the majority of Australians.