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the diffrence between modern and ancient Olympics is that it was not as safe and many were killed in ancient olympics

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Q: Differences in modern and ancient olympic high jump?
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When did high jump become an olympic sport?

High jump has been an Olympic event since the first modern Games in 1896.

What are the names of the ancient Greek Olympic sports?

The ancient Greek Olympic sports were mostly throwing events like javlin. They also had running and long jump and high jump.

How is modern Olympic high jump different to ancient high jump?

they have different bars and mats and also the athletes wear spikes on their shoes. Back then they diddn't have spikes on their shoes US Athlete Dick Fosbury was no flop......

What are the sports in the modern Olympics that weren't in the Ancient Olympics?

high jump

How many different sports can you name which took place at the ancient olympic games?

high gum jfhsefbsdhfgbhj

What are the differences about the modern and ancient Olympics?

The difference between modern and ancient olympics is the technology that was used. Ancient olympics used olden day technology or none at all. No high quality equipment was available and each athlete did not have spikes, skins, leotards, and fancy goggles. In contrast, modern day olympians have all this which effects their performance in the pool, track, field or stadium. Also, modern olympics have cameras and technology that enables the whole world to watch and cheer their country on. Hope this helps xo

What are the differences in the classes of the Plebeians in Ancient Rome The high class and the low class?

The Low Class Is poor and the high class is rich thts all i know

What events took place in the ancient olympic games?

discus javelin hammer throw sprint high jump hoping the shoe throw lolz

When was Olympic Heights Community High School created?

Olympic Heights Community High School was created in 1991.

Which Olympic sport does Tom Daley compete in?

Tom is an Olympic High Diver.

Who had a high position in ancient Egypt?

The Pharaoh had a high position in ancient Egypt

When was Ancient High House created?

Ancient High House was created in 1594.

How high is the Olympic game tent?


How high is the 2012 olympic stadium?


How high is the olympic residence?

54 meters

Will the 2012 Olympic high jump competition take place at Wemberly?

Why, yes the 2012 Olympic high jump will take lace at wimberly.

Is Jumping still played in the Olympics today?

The High jump, Long jump, Triple jump, and Pole vault (jump) are all currently in the modern olympic program.

How high are the Olympic rings on the London bridge?

The Olympic rings are on Tower Bridge - not London Bridge.

How high is the highest diving board used in Olympic diving?

how high is the highest diving board in olympic games i need this found out as soon as possible

What are the differences between traditional biotech and modern biotech?

Traditional biotechnology is centered by passive techniques which lack efficiency and accuracy. Modern biotechnology uses gene manipulation to actively engineer organism with high efficiency and accuracy.

What are the names of the sports in an Olympic pentathlon?

high jump

How high are the olympic hurdles?

42 inches (1.06m)

How many judges are there in olympic high diving?


How high is a olympic volleyball net?

about 7 feet.

Is high jump is a Olympic game?

Yes, the high jump is an event in the Summer Olympics.