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Yes. For example, North Korea sports teams. Plus, just look at the Olympics and all those internation business doing endoresements and tourism.

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Q: Did you think sports promotes relation between countries?
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What is the relation between sports and health?

sports activity is DIRECTLY PROPORTIONAL to health

What is the relation between movement and sport?

u have to move in sports!

What value has international sports in relation between nations?

Sea games

What is the relation between math and sports?

You need to put out effort in order to do well in math and in sports. Math is also used in score keeping in sports.

What is a sports ambassador?

A sports ambassador is someone who promotes sports. A sports ambassador is usually a sportsperson or some who is very passionate about sports.

What is the relation between sports and culture?

The relation between sportand culture that, they are simutanously inclusive to each other.Sport defines cultural traits in a given community.Different rituals magnifies the role of sport in one culture.

Describe Energy balance and its importance in relation to sports performance?

describe energy balance and its importance in relation to sports performance

Does politics influence sports?

Politicians can effect the sports if there is any sport that is held between the two countries which are not in good terms with each others than the politicians can step in and make sure that the sport is played to bring in peace between the countries.

What are the social benefits of playing sports?

this creates a good relation among all this makes relation between two person, a group of people, two cities, two nations.

How can sport either support or impede nation building?

Sports can unite people, It promotes nationalism especially in international sports competitions.

What is opportunity in relation to sports?

a chance to do something

What is relation of p word in which sports?


Do all countries do all sports in the Olympics?

For all of the countries to do all the sports in the Olympics there has to be a certain amount of them in the team. However it is possible for a country to participate in all of the sports. Some of the countries this year only have a couple of players so no. All of the countries in the Olympics do not do all sports.

How does extra-regional societies influence Caribbean sports?

it promotes sports in the Caribbean as extra regional countries give scholarhips etc to Caribbean students who show skill in a certain sport also, it has led to diversification of sports, as you can see basketball, golf, rugby all those sports are becoming more popular in the Caribbean (well mostly Trinidad i would say) I guess you could say that it's a result of cultural imperialism or just diffusion in a sense

Are there links between geography and sports?

Yes, there is a link. There is links such as weather, sports kit, traveling and teams. Teams because they come from all around the world to comepete. Weather because some countries host certain sports because of their climate, skiing is hosted where it snows, football is hosted in countries where it will not rain but it may occasionally. Traveling because people comepeting have to travel to countries all over the world. Sports kit because it can be made in different countries and the material to make it will be made in diffeerent countries too. I hope this helps.

What is a do over in sport?

In sports, a "do over", is a 2nd, or otherwise additional, chance to try something that was previously tried unsuccessfully.Incidentally, that is what a "do over" refers to outsideof sports, as well.Incidentally, that is what a "do over" refers to outside of sports, as well. It's mentioned in TV in relation to sports games among friends, in reality there are no sports that allow do-overs. So truthfully do-over has no relation to sports.

Difference between local sports and nationally sports?

A local sport is a sport that would be played locally in a town in which anyone can play while national sport is a sport that would be played among the teams of different countries.

Relating to sports what do the letters NFL ESPN refer to?

In relation to sports entertainment, the letters NFL mean "National Football League". While ESPN is an acronym for "Entertainment and Sports Programming Network".

What is the most partaken sport in the world?

ALL the countries in the world have sports,or games as some locals call them. some countries have there own sports but almost all the countries in the world play soccer.

Who is a sports tourist?

Sports tourists are those tourists who comes to see the sports matches to other countries from abroad .

What countries play sports?

Every country must play sports, since there were 204 of them at the recent Olympics, which is more countries than my atlas lists!

What is te role of the Olympics in your world society?

AnswerTry to bring unity between countries through sports

What percentage of the human race watch sports?

94.67% of the Human race watch sports. 98% in first world countries and 87% in third world countries

What country plays the most sports?

America plays the most sports out of all the Countries.

The name of the world body that is promoting 'drug free sport' at all international events?

The World Anti-Doping Agency is the agency that promotes 'drug free sport' at international sporting events. It is an independent body that promotes and monitors the fight against doping in all sports.