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Yes, Yao Ming did retire from Basketball. He retired in 2011.

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Q: Did yao ming retire from basketball-?
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Did yao ming retire from basketball?

In 2011, Yao Ming announced his retirement from professional basketball.

Who invented the layup in basketball?

Yao Ming

What does Yao Ming play in sports?


Chinese basketball player?

Yao Ming

What was yao ming biggest accomplishment?


What is yao ming height?

Basketball Reference lists Yao Ming at 7' 6'' (228 cm).

Did yao ming die?

Yao Ming is not dead he is still alive and has started playing basketball again!2010

Chinese Famous Basketball Player?

Yao Ming

Who is the famous basketball player in China?

Yao Ming

Who is the tallest basketball player today?

yao ming

Who is the current tallest basketball player?

Yao Ming

What inspired yao ming to play basketball?

His parents.

Who was the tallest basketball player ever?

the tallest basketball player is yao ming.

Who are the Famous basketball player in china?

one of them are yao ming

What basketball players wears number 11?

Yao Ming

Who was the shortest division 1 basketball player?

Yao Ming

Yao ming best known?

he best known in basketball

Is there a 7 foot 3 basketball player?

yao ming

Did Yao Ming retire?

Yes because he always gets injured

How tall is the basketball player Yao Ming?

He is 7' 6" , or 229cm

Who is the most popular basketball player in this season?

Yao Ming is the best

Who was the first basketball player to score in their own hoop?

Yao Ming

What country is NBA basketball player Yao Ming originally from?


Did Yao Ming play basketball for Shanhia?

Yes in the Olympic Games

How much weight is the basketball player Yao Ming?

310 lbs