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women do play sports in rome

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Q: Did women play sport in roman times?
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Did women play sport in the roman times?

Yes, but not competitively. Mosaics at found the ruins Roman public baths depict women playing sports and exercising at the baths. The Romans plaid sports and did exercises at the gym (paleasta) of the baths before bathing.

What sport can only men play?

Women can play any sport they have a womans football league. So basically women can play any sport

Why women should not play rugby?

Women should play whatever sport they please! Although it can be a rough sport for EITHER gender, women should never be discouraged from playing a sport they enjoy.

What sports are women participating in?

At one point in time, women were not allowed to play sports. Now, during present times, you can find women playing any sport they desire.

What sport do women play?

Women play softball , soccer, lacrosse, even football. Just whatever sport they would like to play. Gender doesn't matter. Thank You!

Why women don't play sport?

I play Netball and this is offensive to me. I am not afraid to get hurt and or put down by others. I don't like this question I think it is unessacary and offensive to women who play sport!

Why did they play volleyball?

well in my opinion my volleyball is very fun. and it is also a sport women are aloud to play because there are still sports, and sport levels they don't let women play in.

What sport was the only sport women could play in colonial days?


What were the olympic sports that women were not allowed to play?

any sport that i feel women cannot play which is quite a few.

Is badminton just a girls sport?

No. Both men and women play the sport of badminton.

Why do women play rugby?

Women play rugby to show that they are just as tough as the men who play and women can just as strong as men and just cause they love the sport

How has women's sports changed over the years?

It has been more accepted and publicised than is used to be. Going back to ancient times, women were not allowed to play sport as it was seen to be something only a man should do. Closer to around our time (1900+) women's sport has expanded its range and diversity of different sports women can play. However, there are still some sports where women cannot play professionally, For Example; AFL can only be played by men, but there are lower leagues like VFL where there are a men's and a women's team/division.

What are the effects of sexism in sport?

Women play sports?

What sports do Muslim women play?

Muslim women play cricket it is an ideAl sport for them because it doesn't exploit them . Such as swimming .

Why women should definitely not play games like cricket and football.?

Women can play whatever sport they like. I am a women and I love playing football.

Why is men and women's sport separated?

men and women sports are separated so that women do not play as rough as men play. e.g. rugby or soccer

Why cant men verse women in sport?

because people are stupId they think juss cuz we're women we can't do anything a man can............... women can do any sport a men can plaY but we juss play it better or its juss they are scared to get beaten by womens

What sport do Philippine women play?

Commonly they play volleyball and kids play traditional Filipino games

What sport do the Baltimore nighthawks play?

IWFL women football

What winter Olympic sport can women not play?

Ski jumping.

What does the name garlock mean?

Germanic, ger = spear, lagu = some think water but it is probably from the root "play/sport", therefore, spear-play or spear tournament. The name is so old it was a Germanic tribe in Roman times.

How old did boys in ancient Rome have to be to play sports?

Roman boys could play sport at any age. The Romans were not keen on sport competitions like the Greeks. To them it was more of a leisure activity.

What is the famous sport for women in Bangladesh?

Badminton. Well, women play cricket, take part in Athletics.

What sport do women play for federation cup?

I think its tennis there maybe other sports but i think women play fed cups for tennis. by jerry.

What sports did women play in 1940s?

baseball was the major sport played