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yes, they do Click on the 'Women's Professional Football League' link on this page to read the history of women in professional football.

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Q: Did women ever play professional football?
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What percentage of women play football?

0% of women play professional football.

Did darius rucker play football?

No he did not ever play professional football

What is the average salary for women's professional football?

Silly goose, women can't play football

Does women play professional football?

no they dont play professional but they do play in teams fro goals in school or for fitness

Can girls play pro football?

There is a professional womens league currently playing in the US called the IWFL. Also no major professional leagues have rules against women playing, but no women have ever played for any of them.

Who is the oldest player ever to play in a professional football soccer match?

The oldest player ever to play in a professional football soccer match was Billy Meredith - Wales (45 year, 8 months)

Do women play football in America?

Yes, they can play football when ever they want for free time

Who is the Largest quarterback to ever play professional football?

Jared lorenzen

Who played professional baseball and then switched to play professional football?

no one ever made that switch in that order

Did any women ever played in any NFL football game?

nope,i'm not shure if women are allowed to play nfl.but i do believe there is a league where women do play football.

What is the name of the Fort Wayne Women's tackle football professional football team?

They are the Fort Wayne Flash who have been in existence since 2007 and play in the Women's Football Alliance.

Did Mel Kiper play college football?

Mel Kiper didn't ever play college football or professional football. He went to community college of baltimore county.

What forms of inequality and discrimination did women face in the professional world?

There are many forms of inequality and discrimination that women face in the professional world. One of these inequalities is the ability to play professional football.

Did a professional football team ever play in Stanford Stadium?

Yes the Super Bowl

Why are women not allowed to play professional football?

In fact, there is no rule stating that women are not allowed to play in the NFL. However, girls aren't "physically equal" to men, and therefore do not play in the NFL.

Can a girl play professinal football?

There is no rule in professional football that precludes women from playing. However, no woman has made a NFF roster - yet.

Did Rush Limbaugh ever play for the NY Jets?

No, Rush Limbaugh was never a professional football player.

How old do you have to be to play professional football?

You can start playing football as early as five years , but you must be eighteen years to play professional football.

Tallest pro football player ever?

Richard Sligh is the tallest player to ever play professional football. Richard Sligh stood 7 feet tall and played for the Oakland Raiders.

Who is the smallest ever goalkeeper to play in professional football?

It was Mexico's Jorge Campos I believe. Only 5ft. 6

Why can't girls play pro football?

There is no rule that says they can't. A professional team could have a woman on their team if they wanted to. Many girls play football at lower levels like high school and pop warner. Also, there are professional women's only football leagues.

What age do you have to be to play professional football?

how old is the minimum age to play football in the nfl

How well do you have to be to play professional football?

Statistically of the 100000 high school seniors who play football every year, only 215 will ever make an NFL roster. That is 0.2%! Dang Good.

Has there ever been a female play professional football like NFL?

There are no rules stating that a woman could not play in the NFL, but there has never been a woman to play in the NFL. There have been several females that have played the placekicker position in college football.

Can women play professional baseball?

Possibly they can but no woman has ever played in a regular season game for any team.