Did undertaker really died

Updated: 12/11/2022
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yeah hes died against stone cold Kane and loads more

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no that is just a story line

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Q: Did undertaker really died
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Did the undertaker really kill the big bossman?

No, the undertaker did not kill the bigbossman. Big boss man died of cardiac arrest

Did undertaker is deadman really?

he is not really a deadman its a nickname like big evil undertaker.....

Why is undertaker is leaving?

undertaker will leave when he really dies

Was the undertaker really died an raise from the dead?

course not you idiot, u actually think they would kill him and get away with it?

Was undertaker crying because his brother died?

The Undertaker's brother isn't dead, and the Undertaker doesn't cry.

Is undertaker really banned?


Is undertaker really bald?


Why he died undertaker?


Has undertaker WWE died?


In the story line with undertaker's parent's died in the fire in reality did undertaker's parents died in a fire?

No in real life Mark's (the undertaker) parents are alive and doing well.

Did Undertaker really burn his brother Kane27s face?

undertaker and kane aren't brothers, just really good friends

Did the undertaker really retire?

The Undertaker has not retired. He is taking time off to recover from surgery.