Did undertaker go to raw

Updated: 10/22/2022
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If you are talking about wwe's 2009 draft then no!

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no undertaker is still on wwe smack down

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Q: Did undertaker go to raw
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Is the undertaker going to raw?

He is going to RAW

When is the undertaker returning?

undertaker is returning on 2/21/11 for raw cuz every time on raw a commercial comes on and it is dark and it shows undertaker walking by a log cabin and his reflecion is in the window and then the candels go out then it shows undertaker in the rain then it sings there ain't no grave that could hold my body down.

What team is the undertaker on smack down or raw?

For now, he is on Raw.

Is The Undertaker from Smackdown or Raw?


Why hasn't the undertaker been on the wwe raw?

Because he is on Smackdown not RAW

Who is the stronger man in WWE?

(2011) The strongest man in wwe is the undertaker and john cena in smackdown it's the undertaker and on raw it's john cena.

What Happened to the undertaker after WrestleMania 26?

The undertaker came on raw to farewell Shawn michals

What is Undertaker's alternate attire for Smackdown vs Raw 2006?

Its undertaker in his coat and hat.

When the undertaker returns?

Undertaker will return on 1/31/12 on monday nitgh raw

Is the undertaker smack down or raw?


Who has never been drafted from raw?


Will undertaker be on Smackdown vs Raw 2009?