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No, the Undertaker didn't die. I do not understand why people keep asking this.

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Q: Did undertaker die while practiceing with jhoncena?
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Is WWE star the undertaker dead or living 2012?

No, the Undertaker did not die.

What caused the undertaker to die?

Undertaker is not deas as yet.

Did Undertaker die or it is rumor?

The Undertaker is still alive.

Did the undertaker die in a practice match with john cena?

No he did not die. The Undertaker is alive and well.

Did the undertaker die in 2012?

No, he did not die.

Did the undertaker die from a neck injurie?

No, he did not. The Undertaker is alive and well.

Did Undertaker's son die?

No he did not

Will undertaker's memory die or not?


Will WWE undertaker die?


Will the Undertaker die?

every 1 will die, its no joke.

How did undertaker die'?

he didnt die but he wuz attacked.......

Did undertaker watch his family die?

No he did not