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Q: Did they recently change the height of major league baseball pitcher's mound?
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What is the difference in height between a women's college softball pitchers mound and home plate?

There is no height difference. A softball mound is not raised like a baseball mound.

Are all pitchers mound the same?

The height of the mound and the size of the pitching rubber could vary from one level of baseball to the next, but within each level, they will be the same.

What is the elevation of the pitchers mound?

In MLB, the pitching rubber is at a height of 10 inches.

How far are the pitchers supposed to stand back for midget girl?

I don"t get your logic . Midgets would be at a real handicap in baseball, where they have pitchers. a certain minimum height is necessary to be in the strike zone for incoming pitches in order to hit them. There have been midget girls in Carnivals, circuses and so on, but not athletic acts,. they would be at a serious default/

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How is it measured from pitchers mound to plate in softball?

on it's way as it leaves the hand. It can be a lot less in speed as it crosses the plate. A faster fast ball is easier to hit because it does not change height and direction much which means the hitter should swing into the ball with better contact. The best pitchers are the ones that can throw change ups and curves and when he throws fast balls , he is better if he can spot them just at the edge of the plate.

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What was the Height of pitchers mound in 1968?

15 inches. It was lowered to 10 inches in 1969 to help increase offense.

Is there a height requirement for baseball players?

There is no height requirement for major league baseball players. I will add this observation though. Generally speaking most scouts recommend pitchers and first basemen to be 6 feet tall. There are exception's to this of course.

How big is a pitchers mound raised?

By regulation, the peak of the mound should rise 10 1/2 inches above home plate.