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Q: Did they make a 2009 Dale Earnhardt Jr. Get On The 88 Chevy diecast?
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What is the value of any Dale Earnhardt Jr. diecast cars?

The value of Dale Earnhardt Jr. diecast cars vary depending on condition and rarity. The values vary between $50 and $200 and up.

Which diecast had the wrong birth date for Dale Earnhardt Sr. on it?

It was the Olympic car.

What is the rarest Dale Earnhardt Sr. diecast car to collect?

1997 crash car

What is a 1996 Dale Earnhardt Sr. Olympic diecast worth?

Five hundred dollars.

Is there a diecast of the car that Dale Earnhardt Sr. died in?

Yes there is, but they are really, REALLY rare.

How much is a Dale Earnhardt Sr. and Dale Jr. autographed diecast car worth?

Depends on the year of the diecast and how much that particular diecast is worth itself, figure that in to how much their autograph is worth and just add the two and you will have your answer

What is the rarest Dale Earnhardt Jr. diecast car?

2002 talladega car red interior

What is the rarest Dale Earnhardt Jr. diecast car to collect?

The rarest Dale Earnhardt JR diecast is the 1:24 Owners Elite Platinum Budweiser/Elvis in Silver. The SKU is XX87822BEEJPLAX. There were only 25 ever made. I am looking to sell mine, #10.

Which Dale Earnhardt Sr. diecast is worth the most money?

24k 1/24 prototype cars

What is a Dale Earnhardt Jr. diecast with Remington on the deck lid worth?

As much as you paid for it or maybe less.

What is a Dale Earnhardt Sr. K-2 diecast car with apricot top worth?

65-70 bucks

What is the value of a Dale Earnhardt Sr diecast 1956 Pink Ford Victoria that has never been open?