Did the undertaker quit

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Q: Did the undertaker quit
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Did the undertaker quit wrestling?


Is the undertaker in the UFC?

no he is not he has quit

When is undertaker going to quit?

He is never gonna quit. He might quit when he dies.

Is undertaker going to quit wrestling?

he might quit soon like 2011 or 2013

Why did the undertaker have to quit entering the ring on a motorcycle?

He didn't have to quit entering the ring on the motorcycle, it was his decison to quit doing it.

Did undertaker quit WWE wrestling?

no he is going to return in a few months

Why did The Undertaker quit?

No the undertaker did not quit his currently had a surgery 2 weeks ago in mid November 2010 nd it will take a lot of tym to heeel he will be back at wm27 but still not sure wwe is putting alot of pressure on him for cumin bak at wm 27 He did not quit

Did Shawn Michaels lose the 'I Quit' match against the Undertaker?

yes he did cause on raw cm punk said you lost against the undertaker

Did the undertaker quit WWE?

No, he is sidelined from multiple old injuries that are bothering him. Actually, he's healing from 2 injuries he suffered in a match against Rey Mysterio on SmackDown.

Where is Shawn michael the wrestler?

Unfortunately Shawn lost his battle against The Undertaker and had to quit WWe

Where is Hassan?

He quit wwe and he waz itallian he faked gettin injured by the undertaker to quit wwe becoz ov hiz character coz it waz causin offence

When did Shawn Micheal retire?

he did not retire he screwed up and said u and me undertaker wrestle mania and Shawn michaels being as stupid as he is (in a good way ^_^) he imattated the undertaker and undertaker won against Shawn michaels (now undertaker is 16-0) so Shawn michaels lost and he had to quit

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