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how many times did the undertaker beat stone cold ?

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โˆ™ 2010-08-21 17:34:20
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Q: Did the undertaker ever beat stone cold?
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Will The Undertaker ever embalm Stone Cold alive?

Not if Shawn Michaels and Kane have anything to with it.

Did undertaker ever beaten stone cold?

i know so because how come he is called the phenom for nothing?

Did stone cold Steve Austin ever beat triple h?

Yes. He did.

When is undertaker going to return 2009?

The Undertaker, The Rock, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Page Diamond, And Hulk Hogan are on vacation together for the immediate future. So, I doubt ever.

Did a heel ever win a WWE wreslmania match?

Yes, including: Edge Randy Orton Stone Cold Steve Austin Kane The Undertaker

Did undertaker ever beat the Ultimate Warrior?

Hell ya undertaker destroyed him HAAAAA in 2000

As hulk hogan ever beat the undertaker?


Did the undertaker ever beat the rock?

i am pretty sure he has

Did stone cold ever lose the smoking skull?

no not ever because stone cold said so

Did undertaker ever beat cena?

yes but i think he almost lost

Will Triple H beat the undertaker at wrestlmania 27?

Triple H will defeat Undertaker because Triple H is better than ever so Undertaker doesn't have a chance to beat me. And if I am wrong I am in San Diego. Undertaker is gonna win its planned.

Who is better Stone Cold or Andre the Giant?

Andre is bigger, but Austin is quicker. Career wise, I say Austin.AnswerStone Cold is a lot tougher and would beat Andre anytime. AnswerStone Cold Steve Austin was better but nobody should take away anything from Andre the giant the best BIG MAN in the business. AnswerAndre The Giant is better but Undertaker is the best wrestler ever Stone Cold is alot more sucessful then Andre but Andre is bigger in a Stone cold would win .

Has john cena ever beat the undertaker?

No, John cena has never defeated the undertaker but they have faced off like 3 times

Did john cena ever beat the undertaker?

Yes when undertaker was big evil John cena aa him and cena won the match in 2003

Did HHH ever beat the Undertaker?

HHH lost at Wrestlemania,but he won a match in Smackdown (cleanly) and he once he beat THE HEAL OUT of The Undertaker and then he was arrested. I watched a lot of matches of boath superstars and I never saw Undertaker got beaten up like that by any man!!!

Did the Undertaker ever get buried?

yes by kane, and mr.macmahon By Roko Loko --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Undertaker got Buried by Kane (vs Stone Cold Steve Austin and vs Mr Mcmahon) Undertaker got Buried by Nexus (vs Kane) Undertaker has never been Buried By a Single Superstar By Atit Anish Patel

Can the undertaker beat John Cena?

Undertaker will defeat John Cena.he will own john cenaundertaker would kill cena if they ever met in the ring together

Did Triple H ever beat undertaker?

yeshe did Well................Even Though I Love Undertaker I Think Triple H Won Wrestle Mania And When He Did Undertaker's Move On Undertaker I Thought That Was It But There Both Awesome Legends But I Think Triple H Won As Well So......

Who will beat undertaker beat WrestleMania?

Triple H will because in 2011 he is better than ever so he could pedigree him lots of times so that he could win. Or HBK will come in while Triple H is distracting the ref and HBK hits Undertaker With Sweet Chin Music. than Triple H hits Undertaker with a pedigree and wins.

Did undertaker ever lose at wrestle mania?

No, The Undertaker never lost at Wrestlemania. He beat every WWE wrestler that was around in his time. He is 18-0 at Wrestlemania after The Undertaker vs. Shawn Michaels (HBK) match. This message was made by Donny Heitler

Will stone cold ever fight goldberg?

No, because Goldberg is dominant in wcw. Stone cold is dominant in wwe. So they made both of them friends in the story line.

Has edge ever beaten stone cold Steve Austin?


Will stone cold Steve Austin ever fight for championships in wwe?


Who is the smallest Formula 1 racer ever?

Stone Cold l0ser.

Has Stone Cold ever fought with Edge in a Wrestling Match?