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Q: Did the padres ever throw a no hitter?
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Has the Chicago White Sox ever won the world series?

Through the 2009 season, the Chicago White Sox have won 3 World Series - 1906 ... Did the padres ever throw a no hitter? What company provides baseballs for ...

How much does it cost to throw out the first pitch at a padres game?

You can do it for 220,000. - GM SD Padres.

Famous baseball players who wore number 18?

Don Larsen, he is the only pitcher ever throw a no hitter in the world series

How many pitchers have thrown no hitters for the San Diego Padres?

As of the start of the 2008 season, no Padres pitcher has thrown a no hitter.

Who are the only mlb teams that have never thrown a no-hitter?

The San Diego Padres

What Major league teams never threw a no hitter?

san diego padres

Which MLB team has never had a no hitter in its history?

As of July 26, 2010, only the Mets and Padres have not. June 1, 2012-Johan Santana threw a no hitter for the Mets!! Go Mets!! Only the Padres are left!

Who pitched a No hitter on LSD?

Dock Ellis says he pitched a no hitter while on LSD in 1970 against the San Diego Padres

Who pitched in the Padres first game?

Dick Selma threw a complete game in the PAdres' first ever game.

What baseball team does not have a no hitter?

After the New York Mets' first no-hitter on June 1, 2012, the last remaining team without a no-hitter is the San Diego Padres.

What national league baseball team has never had a no hitter?

NY Mets Not anymore!! Johan Santana threw a no hitter on June 1, 2012. The Padres never had a no hitter. They are left

Where does the pitcher try to throw his pitch?

A pitcher usually tries to throw a pitch where the hitter can't hit it .

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