Did the cardinals win the 2011 World Series?

Updated: 8/20/2019
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The Cardinals won the 2011 World Series defeating the Texas Rangers 4-3.

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Q: Did the cardinals win the 2011 World Series?
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What day did the cardinals win the world series in 2011?

Game Seven was won by the Cardinals on October 28th.

Can the St. Louis Cardinals still win the World Series in 2011?

Yes they can, without a doubt. I bet they will do it again. The St. Louis Cardinals defeated the Texas Rangers, four games to three, to win the 2011 World Series.

Who is favored to win the 2011 World Series the Texas Rangers or the St. Louis Cardinals?

The Cardinals, of course! GO CARDS

Who was the cardinals opponent in 1926 World Series?

The Cardinals defeated the New York Yankees, 4 games to 3, to win the 1926 World Series.

Who is the first St. Louis Cardinals manager to win world series?

Rogers Hornsby was manager in 1926, their first World Series win.

Did Adrian beltre ever win a world series?

Adrian Beltre never won a World Series. He has only played in one World Series- in 2011, in his first season with the Texas Rangers. The Rangers lost that series to the St. Louis Cardinals.

Who won World Series titles win the Giants and Cardinals?

Ryan Theriot.

Will the Texas Rangers ever win a World Series?

I doubt it, because they can't pitch worth a crap, and probably never will.

In 1942 did the Cardinals lose the World Series?

In 1942 the Cardinals beat the Yankees 4 games to one to win the World Series for the fourth time and the first since 1934.

What player in the 1931 World Series emerged as an unexpected star and helped the Cardinals win in seven games?

In the 1931 World Series, the Philadelphia Athletics were favored over the St. Louis Cardinals. Pepper Martin of the Cardinals had a great hitting and fielding Series and emerged as the star of this World Series.

Did cardinals win game 6 in 2011 world series?

Yes. In 11 innings, the St. Louis Cardinals defeated the Texas Rangers, 10-9. The winning hit was a solo home run in the bottom of the 11th by the Cardinals' David Freese.

Who are the two active mlb managers to win 2 world series?

In the 2011 season, that is Tony LaRussa of the Cardinals (1989 with the Athletics and 2006 with the Cardinals) and Terry Francona of the Red Sox (2004 and 2007 with the Red Sox).