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To date no.

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Q: Did the Tennessee Titans ever win a Super Bowl?
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Have the Tennessee Titans ever win a super bowl?

No. They made Superbowl XXXIV but lost 23-16 to the Rams.

Have the Tennessee Titans ever won a championship?

The Tennessee Titans have never won a Super Bowl. But the team did win two AFL Championships in 1960 and 1961, when they were known as the Houston Oilers.

Tennesse oilers ever win Super Bowl?

The Tennessee Titans lost their only Super Bowl appearance to the St Louis Rams in Super Bowl XXXIX......23-16......January30th, 2000....The Houston Oilers never played in a Super Bowl

Will titans ever win a super bowl?

No the titans will never win a super bowl because they suck very badly, and if the do i will assisnate every one of them

Have the Tennessee Titans ever won a Super Bowl?

The Tennessee Titans who are a fairly young football team have yet to win a Superbowl championship. They were fortunate to have played in the 2000 Superbowl against the St. Louis Rams but unfortunately, they lost.

Did the Houston Oilers ever go to the Super Bowl?

No, they never went as the Oilers. But when the team moved to Tennessee, they changed there name to the Titans and played the Rams in one of the best superbowls ever.

Were the Houston oilers ever in the Super Bowl?

No. The Oilers played in two AFC championship games (1978 and 1979) and lost to the Steelers both times. Through Super Bowl XLIII, the only Super Bowl the franchise has made is SB XXXIV, as the Tennessee Titans, against the St. Louis Rams.

Have the Tennessee Titans ever been to the Super Bowl?

Yes, they went to Super Bowl XXXIV in 2000. They lost to Kurt Warner's St. Louis Rams and the "Greatest Show on Turf" by the score of 23-16. I was heartbroken. Kevin Dyson of the Titans ended up one yard short of the end-zone.

Have two wild cards ever gone to the Super Bowl?

Not as of Super Bowl XLI. Only eight wild card teams have played in the Super Bowl and never two in the same season: Dallas Cowboys - lost Super Bowl X Oakland Raiders - won Super Bowl XV New England Patriots - lost Super Bowl XX Buffalo Bills - lost Super Bowl XXVII Denver Broncos - won Super Bowl XXXII Tennessee Titans - lost Super Bowl XXXIV Baltimore Ravens - won Super Bowl XXXV Pittsburgh Steelers - won Super Bowl XL

Has the super bowl ever been played in atlanta?

Twice ... Super Bowl XXVIII, won by Dallas over Buffalo, and Super Bowl XXXIV won by St. Louis over Tennessee.

Has Atlanta ever hosted a Super Bowl?

The city has hosted two NFL Championship Games at the Georgia Dome: Super Bowl XXVIII on January 30, 1994 (Dallas Cowboys 30, Buffalo Bills 13), and Super Bowl XXXIV on January 30, 2000 (St. Louis Rams 23, Tennessee Titans 16). Super Bowl LIII will be played at the new Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta in 2019.

Did the St. Louis Rams ever win a Super Bowl?

Yes, The St Louis Rams won The Superbowl XXXIV on January 30th 2000 at The Georgia Dome in Atlanta, Georgia. The Rams defeated the Tennessee Titans by the score of 23-16, capturing their first Super Bowl win and first NFL championship since 1951.

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