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Through the 2009 season, once.

That was the 2005 NFC Championship game when the Seahawks defeated the Panthers, 34-14.

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Q: Did the Sea-hawks ever play the Carolina Panthers in the playoffs?
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Did the Eagles ever play the Carolina Panthers in the playoffs?

Yes, the Philadelphia Eagles have played the Carolina Panthers in the playoffs. The played in the 2003 NFC Conference Championship game. The Eagles lost 14-3.

Has the panthers ever beat the cowboys in a play-off game?

Yes.Through the 2008 season, the Cowboys and Panthers have met twice in the playoffs with the Panthers winning both games.1) January 5, 1997: Panthers 26, Cowboys 17 in the Division round of the NFC playoffs.2) January 3, 2004: Panthers 29, Cowboys 10 in the Wildcard round of the NFC playoffs.

Who is the oldest player ever to play for the Carolina Panthers?

john kasay (panthers kicker) The 'oldest player ever to play for the Carolina Panthers' is Vinny Testaverde who was 44 years old when he QBed the Panthers in the 2007 season. Kasay is the oldest player on the 2008 team at 39.

What are the worst three football teams ever?

Carolina Panthers, Washington Redskins, and Jacksonville Jaguars

Did fabian Washington ever play for the Carolina Panthers?

No - he played for the Oakland Raiders and Baltimore Ravens.

Are there panthers in North Carolina?

I have never seen a panther in North Carolina but, I have heard one. That was one of the scariest sounds I have ever heard and I will never forget it. Everyone I've spoken to about it says yes there are panthers in these mountains.

Have Carolina Panthers ever been in super bowl?

Yes. They went to Superbowl XXXVIII in the 2003 season after surging to 11-5 and defeating Dallas, St. Louis, and Philadelphia in the NFC playoffs. They were defeated 32-29 in the Superbowl by the New England Patriots.

Have the Carolina Panthers ever won a Monday Night?

Yes, on Dec. 8th, 2008, the Panthers defeated the Tampa Bay Buccaneers 38-23 at home on Monday Night.

What is the Carolina Panthers best undefeated start?

The best start the Carolina Panthers ever got off to was 5-0 in 2003. The Panthers beat the Jacksonville, Tampa Bay, Atlanta, New Orleans and Indianapolis to start the season, eventually losing in week 6 to the Tennessee Titans 37-17.

Has seattle Seahawks won a supervisor?

Seahawks ever won a super bowl

Are the Carolina Panthers good?

Yep They are the current youngest team to ever play in a Super Bowl (XXXVII) and they have made the playoffs four times since they joined the NFL in 1995 (6-4 playoff record). Since the team's beginning in 1995 the Panthers have posted seven seasons of .500 or better with four division titles. They're also currently the best defensive team as of the 2013-14 season. This proves they're actually pretty good.

Did Walter Payton ever play for Seattle Seahawks?

Walter Payton never played for the Seattle Seahawks. The only team he was ever on was the Chicago Bears.