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Q: Did the Phoenix Cardinals ever play in the super bowl?
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Has the city of Phoenix ever hosted a Super Bowl?

Phoenix has indirectly hosted two Super Bowls: Super Bowl XXX (30) was played at Sun Devil stadium in Tempe and was at the time the home of the Phoenix Cardinals. The most recent was Super Bowl XLII (42) played at University of Phoenix stadium in Glendale, a suburb of Phoenix. In both cases the Phoenix/Arizona Cardinals were considered the host team for the game.

Have the cardinals ever won a Super Bowl?


Have the Arizona Cardinals ever been to the Super Bowl?

2009 was the first Super Bowl appearance for the Arizona Cardinals.

Have Arizona ever been in Super Bowl?

The Cardinals' first Super Bowl is Super Bowl XLIII in 2009.

Did the St. Louis Cardinals ever play in the Super Bowl?

No, the St. Louis Cardinals never appeared in the Super Bowl.

Cardinals ever been to the super bowl?


When Have the cardinals ever made it to the super bowl?


What season did the Arizona Cardinals make it to the playoffs?

Have the arizona cardinals ever won a super bowl?

Has Kurt Warner ever played in a Super bowl?

yes he has.... St. Louis Rams in Super bowl 36 and 38 Arizona Cardinals in Super bowl 43

What was the best super bowl game ever?

cardinals vs steelers 2009

Did the St. Louis Cardinals ever play in a super bowl football game?

No. The St Louis Cardinals have never been to a Super Bowl. However, their repalcements the St. Louis Rams have been to the Super Bowl twice since they moved from Los Angeles.

St Lois Cardinals ever been to a super bowl?

No. Arizona Cardinals have and the St. Louis Rams have but not the St. Louis Cardinals. That's baseball.

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