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No, but in 1912 before the NFL was established the ball looked like a soccer ball, but they changed it to egg-shaped.

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Q: Did the NFL ever change the size dimension or weight of the ball used for kick-offs?
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Does the weight of a ball change with inflation?

Yes, it does. But the weight added by gas (if that is what is being used to inflate it) does not change the weight of an average ball very darn much. You'd have to have a really sensitive scale to actually find the weight of the air in the ball. In fact, someone working in the lab wouldn't weigh the thing. They'd use the size of the ball to find its volume and then look at the pressure and temperature of the gas in the ball and make a calculation to determine the weight of gas. It'd be a loooot faster and probably as accurate - if not more so.

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In the NFL do kickers on kickoffs try to kick the ball into the endzone for a touchback?

Yes, there is a distinct advantage to the kicking team if the kickoff is not returned and placed at the 20 yard line.

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when a team recovers a ball from their opponent in their own endzone, the team has the option to take the ball out and attempt to advance it or stay in the endzone resulting in an automatic advancement to the 20yd line. This happens commonly on kickoffs, interceptions and fumble recoveries.

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Mass and Weight The gravitational force Earth exerts on an object is the weight of the object. Because weight is a force, it is measured in newtons. Weight is not the same as mass. Mass is the amount of matter an object contains, and is measured in kilograms. Even if the mass of an object doesn't change, its weight will change if its distance from Earth changes

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The steel ball with model of Ø120㎜、Ø100㎜、Ø80㎜ should be added。