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NO used dead peoples heads

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Q: Did the Iroquois use a rock to play lacrosse?
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How did Iroquois use a lacrosse stick?

they picked it up and played

What did they use to play lacrosse?

To play girls lacrosse, you need lacrosse goggles,a girl's lacrosse stick, and a mouthguard.

What weapons did the native American Mohawk tribe use?

War Club, Bow and Arrow, Flint knives. Lacrosse was and Iroquois game that simulated battles youngsters would play. During war instead of Lacrosse sticks they used war clubs.

What did the Cherokees use to play lacrosse?

sticks leather and skulls

How did the Iroquois get the food?

Iroquois use for food

What did the Iroquois use the war club for?

It's so simple they used it for war. Play assassin's creed 3 u'll understand. Ac3 is about iroquois.

What do they use to throw the ball in lacrosse?

A lacrosse stick.

Can you use the rock band guitar to play rock band 2?


Can you use the beatles intruments to play rock band?

No you cannot use the Beatles rock-band instruments to play normal rock band. You must go out and buy the proper instruments.

What weapons did the Iroquois use and what did they use them for?

the iroquois used machine guns to bomb fairy land

What kind of transportation did the Iroquois use?

Iroquois walked or used canoes.

How did the Iroquois build wigwams?

Yes, the Iroquois people did use Wigwams!

How do you trim a lacrosse shaft?

You can use a hack saw to trim a lacrosse stick

Can you use soccer cleats for lacrosse?

No but American football cleats can be used for lacrosse

How do you use Iroquois league in a sentence?

The Iroquois League was a very powerful confederation.

What did the lenape use as games?

They would usually play rock toss or play in the water.

How do you play guitar on The Beatles Rock band?

use your hands

Did the Iroquois ever use blowguns?


What did the Iroquois use weapons for?


What did the Iroquois use for shelter?


What do the Iroquois use for money?


What did the Iroquois use spears for?

To hunt

Do the Iroquois use rakes?


Did the Iroquois use rakes?


How did the Iroquois use wampum?

for trading