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Yes, the Red Wings defeated the Phoenix Coyotes 6-1 in game 7 to advance to the Conference Semifinals.

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Q: Did the Detroit Red Wings win game 7 of the 2010 Conference Quarterfinal series?
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Why are the Detroit Red Wings in the Western Conference?

Some say that the Detroit Red Wings are in the Western Conference because of the locations of the Eastern Conference teams. The Red Wings want to be in the Eastern Conference because then they wouldn't have to go on all the west coast trips they take every year to play teams like Anaheim and San Jose. Actually it is because of their original location in the early years of the NHL. Detroit and Chicago are the farthest west of all of the original 6 teams. This is the reason why both were and are still currently in the Western Conference

What team did the Red Wings defeat in 2007 western conference finals?

In the 2007 playoffs, the Detroit Red Wings were defeated by the Anaheim Ducks.

Redwings conference titles?

The Detroit Red Wings were Western Conference champions in 1994-95, 1996-97, 1997-98, and 2001-02.

When did the Detroit red wings start in the western conference?

The NHL expanded into two conferences in 1974; the Campbell Conference and the Whales Conference. In 1993 the League changed the names of the conferences to represent the geographical nature the organization. The Campbell Conference became the Western Conference and the Whales Conference became the Eastern. The Red Wings were in the Whales Conference (Called the Prince of Whales Conference) until a re-organization brought them to the Campbell Conference (or the Clarence Campbell Conference) in the 1981-82 season. So, essentially Detroit has been in the Western/Campbell conference since 1981-But only in the "Western" Conference since 1993. In case your wondering: Prior to 1974 the NHL was organized in two Eastern and Western Divisions; the Wings were in the Eastern Division.

When were the Detroit Red Wings founded?

The Detroit Red Wings were founded in 1926.

When was Detroit Red Wings created?

Detroit Red Wings was created in 1926.

What pantone colors are the Detroit red wings logo?

what is the detroit red wings pantone color

What was the Detroit red wings called in 1931?

They have always been called the Detroit red wings.

When was Detroit Junior Red Wings created?

Detroit Junior Red Wings was created in 1992.

Where do the Detroit red wings players hang out?


What are Detroit's sports teams?

Detroit tigers Detroit pistons Detroit red wings

Where do the Detroit red wings hockey team from what state?

Detroit is in Michigan, therefore the Red Wings are from Michigan.

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