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Q: Did the Dallas Mavericks get a bonus for winning the NBA playoffs?
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Do players get a bonus if they make it into the NBA playoffs?


What is a Coach's bonus for taking a NFL team to playoffs?


How much money do players get for winning the Stanley Cup?

Players don't get paid anything for winning the Stanley Cup (or for any games in the playoffs) unless their contract specifies that the team would pay a bonus for winning it. This would be negotiated between the player's agent and the team along with the rest of the stipulations in the contract.

Super Bowl winning coach bonus?


What was Peyton Mannings Bonus for winning the super bowl?


What gives you performance bonus on halo reach?

by winning the game

What is Nick Saban's bonus for winning national championship?


How much money do the players get for losing the super bowl?

It varies by year, but as a rule of thumb, they get roughly half the bonus that the players on the winning team get. In 2014, the winners' bonus was $92,000, while that for players on the losing team was $46,000. That's just for that game. To get to that point, they will have advanced in the playoffs (and gotten a bonus for doing that) and won their division (and gotten a bonus for THAT). In 2014, it's estimated that that added up to around $90,000 or so per player in addition to the bonus for the Super Bowl itself.

How much is Peyton Manning bonus for winning super bowl?


What is the bonus of the Saints for winning the Super bowl?

they get an 83,000 dollar bonus, among other things. the losing players get 43,000 dollars

Does powerball mean the bonus ball or what?

Yes. Because they have the winning numbers to the lottery.

How much do you get paid for winning gold?

all sports can award there own bonus. There is no set amount

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