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Q: Did stone cold wrestle at WrestleMania 25?
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Did Stone cold face john cena at WrestleMania 25?


How did stone cold die?

he didn't die because if he do then how is he was in 25 wrestlemania

When was stone cold Steve Austin final appearance?

Stone Cold Steve Austins final apperance was at Wrestlemania 25

Who will taker wrestle at WrestleMania 25?

There have been many rumors that he will wrestle Shawn Micheals. That would be one match to watch. Mr Wrestlemania vs The underfeated at Wrestlemania!

Will stone cold be at WrestleMania 25 2009?

yes he was at the hall of fame ceremony.

Will the rock face john cena at wrestlemania 25?

No, actually the rock will face john cena at wrestlemania 28 for the wwe championship and stone cold will be the host...

What superstars that had big entrances in WrestleMania 25?

I would say John Cena but if you count Stone Cold's induction an entrance him also

Is there will come back of stone cold?

At wrestlemania 25 hall of fame intro he made his last appearance with a quad bike.

How do you unlock stone cold Steve Austin on svr 2010?

beat the Rock in a 30 minute Iron Man match at WrestleMania 25

What happened to jbl the wrestle did he die?

he quit at wrestlemania 25 after rey mysterio beat him for intercontinental championship in 23 seconds

When was Stone Cold Metal created?

Stone Cold Metal was created on 1998-08-25.

Who was the sponsor of WrestleMania 25?

The sponsor of Wrestlemania 25 was the The Army National Guard, and during Wrestlemania 25 it celebrated its twenty-fifth time supporting Wrestlemania.

Will Steve Austin return to WWE?

No, "Stone Cold" Steve Austin will not return to World Wrestling Entertainment. He was inducted to the 2009 WWE Hall of Fame. He also showed up at Wrestlemania 25.

Where is WrestleMania 25 going to be at?

wrestlemania 25 will be at the reliant center in Houston Texas

How do you unlock Ted DiBiase on svr 2010?

for wii you must defeat ted dibiase junior at wrestlemania 25 then ted dibiase sr. will come in and wrestle you. you must knock him out.

When wiil WrestleMania return to HoustonTexas?

wrestlemania 25

What are the release dates for Dream On - 1990 Stone Cold 4-25?

Dream On - 1990 Stone Cold 4-25 was released on: USA: 30 March 1994

What will be the historical match in WrestleMania 25?

The best Wrestle mania matches ever is The Undertaker vs HBK ( Undertaker extended streak to 17-0) HBK has been in two of the best Wrestle mania matches in history him v.s the Undertaker and him v.s BRET " THE HITMAN" HART

Is Shawn Michaels Really MrWrestlemania?

Have you seen HBK Wrestle at Wrestlemania How about Looking up HBK vs Ric Flair Wrestlemania 24,HBK vs Undertaker Wrestlemania 25,HBK vs Undertaker Wrestlemania 26,HBK vs Brett ''The Hitman''Hart Wrestlemania, HBK vs Mr.Mcmahon anyways My point is That Yes HBK is Mr.Wrestlemania he is the Headliner, the Icon, HBK you know why don't buy HBK's Heartbreak D-Man

WrestleMania 25 Live online?

WWE Wrestlemania XXV will air live tonight. Watch the action when it happen at the 25th Anniversary of WrestleMania. Watch WWE Wrestlemania 25 Live Online Stream For Free below.

WrestleMania ppv buy rates?

Wrestlemania 26 did 885,000 down from last year's Wrestlemania 25 which was 960,000.

How many times has Shawn Michaels been to WrestleMania?

Wrestlemania 25 was Shawn Michaels 16th wrestlemania match

Where will WrestleMania 25 be?

In Houston, Texas!

When was WrestleMania 25?

April 5,2009

What's the latest WrestleMania?