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No the French Revolution was 1789. The rules of Association Football were not formulated until 1863.

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Q: Did soccer exist during the French Revolution?
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Did the estates exist after the French Revolution?

No. The revolution created a classless society (In theory at least).

Were zombies part of the french revolution?

No. Zombies, like unicorns, don't exist

Who was LA's governor during the American Revolution?

Louisiana, as a state, did not exist at the time of the American Revolution.

How did Napoleon stop the French Revolution?

The French Revolution ended with the creation of the French Consulate by coup in 1799 in which Napoleon became the First Consul of France. The legal government of the Directory ceased to exist.

Did the US exist during the French and Indian War?

No. The French and Indian War ended in 1763. The US did not exist until 1789.

What was Canada's role in the American Revolution?

Canada did not exist as a country at the time of the American revolution. There was both french and English colony's though.

Should the US have officially supported the French Revolution?

Though the US did not exist at the time of the French Revolution and thus could not have supported it, the French Revolution and the American Revolution happened only a few years apart and were closely linked in their democratic ideology. That being said, the French revolution was bloody, chaotic and soon spun out of control. The US should not have supported the French Revolution and its mass executions.

Who was the president of the US during the revolution?

The office of President didn't exist until 1789.

What did Germany and Italy do during the french revolution?

Germany and Italy both did not exist as such during the French Revolution. Both areas consisted of a considerable number of bigger and smaller Kingdoms, Bishoprics, Dukedoms etcetera. Most of them did not interfere with the revolution in France. Later on, the French decided to export their new-found revolutionary ideals to these countries, and French armies - mostly under Napoleon and his Marshalls - overran many of the Italian and German states. Napoleon then established of his siblings and in-laws as kings and queens of the newly conquered German and Italian lands.

What is the French word for exist?

To exist is "exister" in French.

What is soccer have to do with math?

Soccer has nothing to do with mathematics. Mathematics would exist and flourish whether or not there was soccer.

Who did the Americans fight in the Revolution?

If by "Americans," you mean colonists, then they fought the British. Americans didn't exist during the American Revolution, because they were still British subjects.

What would have happened if the French revolution never took place?

The Holy Roman Empire will still exist. Italy, Belgium, Germany, Luxembourg would not exist. Maybe not even Monaco.

His ideas helped inspire the french revolution?

Jean-Jacques Rousseau was the inspiration behind the French Revolution. The leaders of the revolt praised his concept of undivided sovereignty. In his book, "The Social Contract", he stated that the government can't exist unless it looks out for the welfare and equality of its citizens.

Did Napoleon like the French Revolution?

Napoleon liked the French revolution very much because he knew that the monarchy would no longer exist and that he could become a more important person. Also, because he was good with people, he knew that he could convince the population to vote him as their emperor.

How many girls can be on a boys soccer team?

Any girl, girls special soccer teams exist.

How did the American Revolution affect people in modern day culture?

The American Revolution has a definite effect on people in modern day culture. Specifically, the United States might not exist today if not for the Revolution. Furthermore, the American Revolution was what inspired the French to revolt. If the American Revolution hadn't happened, there would be repercussions worldwide today.

Washington was on who's side?

George Washington was the leader of the American Army during the revolution. The State of Washington did not exist during the Civil War but was technically, as a territory, part of the Union.

What national or international competitions exist for soccer?

The world cup

What part did the poor class play in the French Revolution?

They killed people and ate stuff so they all died, so france does no longer exist. Your Face.

Does French Perth exist?


Who was president of US during french Indian war?

there wasn't a president of the US during the French and Indian War because the US didn't exist then. The was from 1754-1763, the declaration of Independence wasn't even signed until 1776.

How long has soccer been played by people in France?

NEVER, soccer does not exist in Europe it's called football here.

What is the soccer ball used for?

That is question explains itself. The soccer ball is used to make the sport of soccer what it is. For without the ball the sport of soccer would not exist. The ball is used to score goals.

What is colarge in French?

"colarge" does not exist in English or French, please rephrase.