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She didn't divorce him they are still together today. No, they're not. They ARE divorced.

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Q: Did sara divorce undertaker
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Is Sara the Undertaker's ex wife marry after divorce with undertaker?

No one knows.

Did mc cool steal undertaker away from sara?

She didn't. She and Undertaker started dating AFTER his divorce.

Did undertaker cheat on sara with Michelle that why she divorced him?

No. The Undertaker and Michelle began dating after his divorce. Torrie Wilson confirmed this in an interview.

Why did WWE the undertaker divorce his wife sara?

No one knows. That's between the two of them.

Who is undertaker meried with?

he is married to a woman named sara, but it is rumored that they are getting a divorce and the undertaker is now dating Michelle mccool

Who is the undertaker's girlfriend?

undertaker doesnt have a girlfriend,he has a wife.her name is sara callaway.they have been married 4 a long time.he is not dating Michelle mccool and he never has,they were just doing something together and sara knew about it,taker and sara have not gotten a divorce yet. Sorry to burst your bubble, but the Undertaker and Sara are divorced. He IS dating Michelle McCool.

Why did Undertaker divorce his wife sara and what were the reasons why they divorced?

No one knows, and that's between the two of them. It's no one else's business.

Is it true that Undertaker divorced Sara and married a woman named Amber in September 2007?

No that is not true but he is in the process of getting a divorce from his second wife Sara and is currently dating Michelle McCool.

Did Michelle mccool steal undertaker from sara?

NO. The Undertaker was already divorced from Sara before he started dating Michelle.

Will Sara play a part in the Undertaker story again?

It's not likely since they're getting a divorce. i doubt it coz they hav kids now Sara Calloway have to take care of the children so she can't play a roll for sure No you cannot have the deadman married. It would only work if Undertaker beacame the biker again

Why are undertaker and sara separated?

Because undertaker is dating michell Mccool

Are the Undertaker and Sara divorced?


Is the undertaker still with sara?

No, they are divorced.

Was sara at wreslemania24 with undertaker?

NO, they are separated

Is the undertaker and sara back together?


When did the undertaker and sara split up?

Undertaker and Sara did not split up. They have two children named Gracie Naomi Calaway and shes 3 and Chasey Chirie Calaway and shes six. you shouldn't belive everything you hear okay? They did not spilt up October 17, 2008 Sorry to burst your bubble, but Taker and Sara have been divorced for a year and he is dating Michelle is a fact not a rumor, he is having the tatoo on his throat removed. And for the record it was Sara who wanted the divorce not Taker

Is taker mad to divorce sara?

No he isn't mad, and Taker wasn't the one that wanted the divorce Sara was.

How a can merry undertaker?

undertaker's married undertaker's married October 17, n2008 Undertake is divorced from Sara and is daing Michelle

If sara calaway and mark calaway the wwe undertaker didn't divorce why did he remove the sara tattoo from the front of his throat that he got for a wedding present for her?

Because they ARE divorced. As of 2007, he and Sara were divorced and he was romantically linked to fellow wrestler Michelle McCool, whom he married on June 26, 2010 in Houston, Texas.

Did the undertaker get a divorce?

Yes, Taker and Sara are divorced and he is dating Michelle McCool Some ppl think that but i think it is a rumor. I went to The Undertaker's wikipedia page and it said on June 26, 2010 he married wwe diva Michelle McCool.

Is the undertaker and sara married in real life?

yes! Mark (undertaker) and Sara are really married! They married in 2001! Brian Lee (fake Undertaker) was his best man! ANSWer They are now separated though

Was undertaker wife sara at wreslemania24 with him?

NO. They had divorced by then.

What abou the undertaker old wife sara?

What about her

Who is undertaker married to right now?


When did The Undertaker get married?

The Undertaker married to Jodi Lynn from 1989 to 1999 The Undertaker married to Sara Frank from 2000 to 2007 The Undertaker married to Michelle McCool in June 7, 2010