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yes once in league cup tie

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Q: Did peter beardsley play Manchester united?
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Who was the only footballer to play for man city man united Liverpool everton?

Peter Beardsley of England

Who was the last player to play for Manchester united and then play for Liverpool?

it was peter beardlsey

Danes in Manchester united?

the most famous danish player to play for Manchester united is peter schmeichel (goalkeeper) regard by some as the best Manchester united goalkeeper ever and also in the world

What 3 English teams did peter schmichael play for?

Per Schmichel played for Manchester City, Manchester United and Sporting

Who will win if Manchester United to play chealsea?

Manchester United.

Who does Manchester united play in the semifinals of the 2011 champions league?

Manchester United play Schalke.

What country does Manchester united play for?

Manchester United is a club in England.

How can you play for Manchester united?

Manchester will never let you play in their team

Does Manchester United own the ethiad stadium?

No. The Ethiad Stadium is where Manchester City play, not Manchester United.

Players who used to play at Manchester united who still play?

Nicky Butt played for Manchester United and Newcastle United as well.

Does Manchester United play rugby or soccer?

Manchester United are a football club in england. they play at Old Trafford.

How many players in Manchester United play in a match?

Only 11 players from Manchester United can play at a time.