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No. USC defeated Illinois, 49-17, in the 2008 Rose Bowl.

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Q: Did penn state make it to the Rose Bowl in 2008?
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Did Penn State make it to the Rose Bowl in 1995?

Yes, Penn State defeated Oregon, 38-20, in the 1995 Rose Bowl.

How much do teams make when they win the Rose Bowl orange bowl or the Fiesta Bowl?

17 million

How much money does each College bowl game make such as the Rose Bowl Sugar Bowl Orange Bowl etc?


Did the Pittsburgh Steelers make it to the Super Bowl in 2008?

The Steelers were the 2008 Super Bowl Champions. They won the Super Bowl on February 1, 2009.

When was the last time Michigan didn't make it to a bowl game?

That was the 1974 season. Michigan's record that season was 10-1 and they were co Big 10 champions. However, this was at a time when the Big 10 only allowed one conference team to go to a bowl game, that being the conference winner that would go to the Rose Bowl. That edict was discontinued in 1975 and Michigan wound up going to the Orange Bowl while Ohio State went to the Rose Bowl.

How much does an average float cost to make for the Rose Bowl Parade?


What are the five longest current streak of bowl appearances?

#1. Michigan on Jan. 1st 2008 appeared in their 33rd consecutive bowl game. #2. Florida State last missed a bowl game in the 1981 season. #3. Florida last missed a bowl game in the 1990 season. #4. Virginia Tech last missed a bowl game in the 1992 season. Edit: Michigan failed to make a bowl game in the 2008 season after posting 3 total wins. The current active bowl streak is: 1. Florida State 2. Florida 3. Virginia Tech

Who is going to the 2010 Rose Bowl?

it will be Wisconsin versus either tcu or Stanford, if i had to make a bet, i'd say Stanford

Will the cowboys make it to the 2008 Super Bowl?

Alas, no, they were knocked out of the playoffs in the divisional round by the eventual Super Bowl Champions, the New York Giants.

When was the last time Ohio state didn't make it to a bowl game?


Last time Ohio State didn't make it to a bowl game?


How much money did Ohio state make for it's bowl game?


How many points behind was Wisconsin during the 1963 Rose Bowl game?

28.The most points Wisconsin was behind in the 1963 Rose Bowl was 28 after USC scored on the first play of the 4th quarter to make the score 42-14. Wisconsin scored the last 23 points of the game to make the final score 42-37.

What is the longest bowl streak?

Florida State has been in 28 straight bowl games, with a record of 19-7-1 in the last 27 games. The Gator Bowl on 1/1/2010 will be the 28th straight and final bowl game for Bobby Bowden. Also, Nebraska made 45 consecutive bowls from 1969 to 2003. The streak lasted from Bob Devaney to Frank Solich, who did not coach the 2003 Alamo Bowl (Bo Pelini did and beat Michigan State 17-3). Michigan went to bowl games from 1976 to 2008, making 33 straight. Ohio State went to 26 straight Bowl games from 1972 to 1998, that ended when John Cooper went 6-6 and failed to make a Bowl. I do not know the 5th team, but I hope this is a good start. GO BIG RED!!

How many times have the AZ cardinels ever won a Super Bowl?

They have never won the super bowl. They did make it once in the 2008 season, but lost 27-23 against the Pittsburgh Steelers.

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Will the Seahawks ever win a Super Bowl?

No, is my thought. 2008 is the 41st Super Bowl, and they've only gone once......AND LOST! I am a fan, but, maybe they'll make it, in 2100! Please win Seahawks... Ooops!Sorry.

How much does Super Bowl referee make?

How much does a super bowl referee make for the super bowl?

How do you get to the Super Bowl final?

You have to make it to the playoffs and win to make it to the Super Bowl

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Who won the 1980 Rose Bowl?

Eric Hipp of USC (originally from Riordan High school of San Francisco) kicked the winning field goal to make the score 17 to 16 USC with the win!

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You add copper to make rose gold to make it pink!

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Did Brett Favre make it to the super bowl with the jets?

No, he did not make it to the Super Bowl with the Jets. The last time the Jets were in the Super Bowl was in 1969.