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They kept the reason secret.

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Q: Did nexus help Kane bury undertaker?
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What is the current sad news in WWE?

The current bad news is that the Undertaker is out of commission after his buried alive match against his brother Kane at Bragging Rights a match that the Nexus interfered in when they attacked Undertaker to help Kane bury his brother to win the match

Where is WWE superstar the undertaker nowadays?

He is buried alive by his brother Kane with help of Nexus

Which one is bigger Kane or undertaker?

Well is should say that undertaker is better because he has done more in his cereer. Don't get me wrong Kane is a legendery superstar. But think about it The times when i see Kane dominent is when he was masked what was for about 6 years since then he started to lose hid dominance. as for the undertaker since his debut at survivor series 1990 he was dominent he is also a great athlete for a person who is 45 years old he can jump over the top ropes. so im not saying Kane is not legendary im just saying undertaker is way more legendary than Kane. look up the past matches with undertaker and Kane undertaker beat Kane 6 times Kane only three and Kane needed help for two of them

Is undertaker going tocome back to the wwe?

the undertaker returned on raw 1, 000 to help kane . so he already returned . but he might

Do you have to go to college to be a WWE wrestler?

No but it does help if you do, as most of the wrestlers are college graduates including the Undertaker and Kane

Did Kane and undertakers parents really die in the house fire?

the storyline is fake none of the "undertaker killed his parents and left his brother Kane for dead" is true Kane and undertaker are considered storyline brothers just like edge and christian, and the major brothers. they are not related in real life but are friends

Which wrestlers have been in a buried alive match?

undertaker and yokozuna sorry but yokozuna hasn't been in a Buried Alive Match but has had two casket matches with The Undertaker The first Buried Alive Match was at IYH: Buried Alive on October 20, 1996, between Undertaker & Mankind, Which Mankind eventually won with the help of Some other Superstars The second Buried Alive Match was at Rock Bottom on December 13, 1998 was between the Undertaker and Stone Cold , Stone had help from Kane to win The third Buried Alive Match was on the September 9, 1999 edition of Smackdown! It was for the WWF Tag Team Titles as the Rock'N'Sock connection defended the titles against Undertaker & Big Show which undertaker & Big Show won The fourth Buried Alive Match was at Survivor Series 2003....11/16/03....between Undertaker & Vince McMahon.Vince ended up winning with Kanes help.

is there a grant i can get to help bury my husband he is dieing and we have no money or insurance?

is there any grants that will help me bury my husband ,? he is dieing and we have no money or insurance , I am disabled and so is he , we are both on SSD, we have no where to turn .

Why was Cena made to join Nexus when they had help from season 2 helpers so by rights Cena did win?

Cena is coming back, no matter what! Nexus just wanted Cena to join them so every one would hate Cena. Actually no Cena did not win, Nexus did not interfere! The season 2 NXT are not a part of Nexus

Who refuses to help Antigone bury her brother?

Ismene, her sister

Does The Undertaker help people?

He is scary and tough only because of wwe he is scary of course he help people he is the man like us just in wwe he is acting. Of course he does. The Undertaker is a good person at heart.

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