Did mia hamm ever quit on herself?

Updated: 10/22/2022
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She might of but she just kept going and became one of the best female soccer players. She is truly amazing

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Q: Did mia hamm ever quit on herself?
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When did mia hamm quit soccer?

she quit in 2004

Did mia hamm ever move?


Did Mia Hamm ever work as a model?

No, only in commercials

Who is the best female soccer player ever?

Mia Hamm

How do you pronounce Mia Hamm?

Mia Hamm (me a ham )

What page is Mia Hamm on?

Click on the 'Mia Hamm Bio' link on this page to read all about Mia Hamm.

What is mia hamm's nationality?

Mia hammis norwegian

What mia hamm study?

mia hamm studyes soccer

Who is Mia's mother?

Mia Hamm's mother was Stephanie Hamm.

Does mia hamm have bangs?

no mia hamm doesn't have bangs

What is the birth name of Mia Hamm?

Mia Hamm's birth name is Mariel Margret Hamm.

Is bill hamm the dad of mia hamm?

Yes! Bill is Mia Hamm's fathers name.