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Q: Did men play basketball before woman?
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Why was the WNBA formed?

The WNBA was formed to let woman play basketball just like men.

Why do women play basketball?

the same reason why men play basketball

What is the measurement of a basketball?

A woman's basketball is 28.5 inches. A men's basketball is 29.5 inches.

How much bigger is a men's basketball than a woman's basketball?

a womens basketball is 28.5!!

What the difference between men and woman basketball?

Nothing it is just so boys play agenst boy and girls play agenst girls

What game do the men play outside in of mice an men?


Are men better at basketball then women?

yes men is better at basketball cause they are bigger and much much tougher then them also. men can take then pain woman are likely cry or brake soumthin and may not e able play the rest of the season

How many teams were in the NCAA basketball tournament in 1984?

There were 53 teams in the 1984 NCAA Men's Basketball Championship (5 play-in games before the tournament).

Why is a woman's basketball a different size than a man's basketball?

Because women are generally smaller than men which would mean their hands are a little smaller also. Allowing women to play with a smaller basketball allows them to control it better.What size are the woman's basketballs??

Who can play basketball?

Everyone can play basketball if you have the dedication. Professional women players play in the Women's National Basketball Association (WNBA) while professional men players play in the National Basketball Association.

Is tennis played by men and woman?

yes. but women cant play men. women play women and men play men

What woman played for the Lakers in the 1980s?

No woman ever played for the Lakers. The Lakers are a MEN'S basketball team.

What are the mens and womens Australian basketball teams called?

The men's basketball team is named the Boomers and the woman's basketball team is named the Opals.

How much does a Wilson woman'ss basketball weigh?

Woman's ball should be 28.5, which is the same size boys yup to age 12 play with. MEn play with the 29.5 size ball.

How many national championships does UNC have?

The TarHeels have 6 in Men's Basketball, 4 in Lacrosse, 2 in Men's Soccer, 1 in Woman's Basketball, 6 in Field Hockey, and 21 Woman's Soccer National Championships.

How does gender affect what sports you play?

Gender also has an effect on physical activities because most sports are separated into two teams, a boys team and a girls team. In the case of professional sports like basketball, it is impossible for a female to play on a men's basketball team; it is also impossible for a male to play on a woman's basketball team.

Who were the first professional basketball players to play for the US Olympic men's basketball team?

LeBron James

What do woman wear when playing basketball?

The same thing men wear: shorts and a jersey.

How many percent of filipino men are playing basketball?

Basketball is considered to be the most popular sport in the Philippines. It is estimated that 40 percent of the population of men in the Philippines have or do play basketball regularly.

Does the basketball affect how the players play?

Yes. That's why there are women & men's basketballs.

Why or how was volleyball invented?

hahha for fat buisness men who couldn't play basketball

How many colleges play NCAA Division 2 men's basketball?


In 2008 which country won the gold medal for both men's and woman basketball?

United States.

What were the roles of men before 1914?

The role of men before WW1 was to earn money for their family by working. They also "owned" the woman and had a rights, whereas the woman did not.

Who coached men's basketball at Maryland before Gary Williams?

lefty driesell