Did maryse kissed maria

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Q: Did maryse kissed maria
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Is Maria or Maryse hotter?

Maryse is very sexy.

Has maryse kissed anyone in the WWE?

Ted Dibiase jr on the cheek.

Who is hotter in WWE maryse or maria?

maria!!! Maria not only looks hot but she looks approachable and that makes her even hotter in my mind. I am not saying Maryse isn't hot god that would could melt a glacier but so could a lot of wwe divas. Maria is my choice!

What do Maria and John do?

they kissed one anther

Has WWE diva Maryse ever kissed the miz?

NO and I don't think she nor anyone else ever will kiss the Miz.

Is Melina a virgin?

Yes she is. Unlike Maria! Maryse and michelle MCcool! According to Batista, no, she's not.

Did ducle maria ever kissed christopher?

yeah . it was magical .

Isn't maryse ouellet hot?

yes maryse is better than Michelle McCool Way better Mickie James and Maria Kanellis are by far my fave divas but the hottest diva is Maryse, I mean just look at her. Oops I am starring again.

Did john Cena kiss Melina?

No John cena never ever kissed Melina he only kissed Maria, Mickie.

What is maryse mail? WWE Maryse's mail

Who is the most sexiest WWE diva?

Maria,Kelly Kelly,Michelle Mcool,Eve,Maryse,and Torrie Wilson

Did john cena kiss mickie james.......?

No he kissed Maria you can watch it on youtube

Is John Cena marreid maria?

no, he only kissed her to make her cailm down

Did Maryse get married?

No, Maryse did not get married.

Was Maryse killed?

No, Maryse was not killed.

Who has John Cena kissed?

rachel tripp John Cena has kissed Maria Kanellis. But it was a WWE storyline. He is currently married to Elizabeth Huberdeau.

What Raw was it when John Cena kissed Maria?

John Cena and Maria vs Edge and Lita was the match that happend after And the year was 2006.

When are you also going to be able to date the divas or kiss them like john cena and Maria.?

The only diva he kissed was Maria and that was for storyline.

Does Maryse Quellet have a baby?

no maryse does not have a baby

How many girls have john cena kissed at the WWE?

2 i know of maria and eve

Who is dating recently in the WWE?

Michelle McCool is dating Taker, Maria is dating one of the carmeramen on Smcackdown, Maryse is dating the Miz

Who is cuter maryse or christy hemme?

in my opinion Maryse

Who is sexyer Megan fox or maryse ouellet?


Who is maryse living with?

maryse icurrently living with the miz

Is WWE diva maryse a bisexual?

No, Maryse is not bisexual.