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Lleyton Hewitt won the Gentleman's Singles title in 2002 defeating David Nalbandian of Argentina in the finals 6-1, 6-3, 6-2.

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Q: Did leyton hewitt win wimbleton
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Who is leyton hewitt married to?

Bec Hewitt

Who won wimbleton 2002?

Lleyton Hewitt

Who is Australia's best tennis player?

Leyton Hewitt

Who was Leyton Hewitt engaged to before he married?

kym kloisters

Where was Leyton Hewitt born?

Lleyton Hewitt was born February 24, 1981 in Adelaide, South Australia, Australia.

What type of hip sugery did leyton hewitt have?

Arthroscopic repair of labrum tear

What type of hip surgery did leyton hewitt have?

He had arthroscopic surgery to repair a labrum tear.

What was Andre arassi win to loss ratio at wimbleton after he retired in 2006?

46-13 :)

List well known Australian men?

greg norman leyton hewitt nicole kidman hugh jackman harry kewell

How many tines did Arthur ashe win wimbleton?

Arthur Ashe won Wimbledon once, in 1975.

Who was the first back to win the Wimbleton Tennis Tournament and also worked to fight AIDS?

Arthur Ashe

When did Hewitt win US Open?

Lleyton Hewitt won the men's Wimbledon singles final in 2002.