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Q: Did lance Armstrong have well educated parents?
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What does Lance Armstrong like to do?

well, biking is one, running, and surfing sometimes.

Is lance Armstrong religious?

Lance Armstong is a well known atheist. He has been qouted saying "if there was a God, I would still have two nuts".

Was Saint Sebastian educated?

Yes, he was well educated. His parents sent him to Milan, Italy, for schooling.

Did Lance Armstrong inspire people?

well yes he did... the.. well he inspired people to never give up in your dreams no matter what happens there is always hope

In Frankenstein how did the stranger's parents treat him when he was a child?

he was treated well and was very educated

How did the strangers parents treat him when he was a child Frankenstein?

he was treated well and was very educated

Who is more famous Sonic the Hedgehog or Lance Armstrong?

well i know sonic is because lance Armstrong did take supplements illegally and had all of his medals taken away. But however sonic is a friendly thing or hedgehog whatever...and we all love him. So probably sonic by far!!

What famous people are born in September?

Well that's easy. Thier is Lance Armstrong, Adam Sandler, Avril Lavigne, Hugh Grant and of course ME Sean

How did Lance Armstrong do at the Tour de France after getting cancer?

Lance Armstrong did well after recovering from cancer, and set a record when he won 7 Tours de France, from 1999-2005. He has now been stripped of his titles and the record, due to the compelling evidence and his eventual confession to the systematic use of illegal performance enhancing drugs.

How did lance Armstrong immediately change the world when he stepped foot on the moon?

Well, one of the old Country and Western singers once said "Why is everyone so concerned about Lance Armstrong taking drugs" For all that its worth, he won bike races while on drugs. When I took drugs, I couldn´t even find my bike" There is no way of knowing if Lance Armstrong thought that he was on the Moon while he was high ... And, if you ever watched the Muppet Show with Louis Armstrong, you would have immediately realized that he and Kermit had a lot in common. But what Neil Armstrong did, when he set foot on the moon, was being the first person in history ever to step on a planetary body other than Earth ....

Is Samoa educated well?

Yes, Samoans are well educated people.

Was Princess Diana well educated?

She was educated .

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