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Yes she got fully naked check out vid on u tube type Kelly Kelly expose

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Q: Did kelly kelly take off her bras in the ecw expose?
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Is kelly the most expose diva in WWE?

Yes, Kelly Kelly used to be the most exposed diva in the WWE. While Kelly is no longer with the company, she was known for wearing the skimpiest of outfits and bathing suits. Along with Layla El and Brooke, Kelly was part of "Extreme Expose". This was a dance troupe that routinely appeared on the defunct ECW program.

Has WWE diva kelly kelly ever flashed on ecw?

Yes. She was with ECW for 2 years between 2006 and 2008

Did kelly kelly fight in WWE?

Yes in ECW,Raw,and Smackdown

What did WWE kelly and Candice do after they did the extreme expose on ecw?

Kelly came to Raw and then she was drafted to Smackdown where she is currently. As for Candice who is Candice? Do you mean Candice Michelle because Candice Michelle was never apart of extreme expose. The three women in that group were Kelly Kelly, Brooke, and Layla El. Layla El is part of LayCool where she is one half of the women's championship. Brooke was released from her contract quite some time ago.

Did kelly kellly go out with the miz in ecw?


Has mvp ever dated layla from extreme expose on ecw?

No,they are both single.

What is Ecw kelly kelly birth name?

her Birth name is Barbra Jean Blank.

Who is kelly kelly date?

Kelly Kelly was dating former WWE/ECW superstar Test. But after his death, she is single. Kelly Kelly did not date Sheamus.

Has Dave Batista ever dated Brooke from Extreme Expose on ECW?

Big no. Definately not.

Why did they have cm punk and kelly kelly break up on ecw?

in my opinion its because of they company's benifit

Was kelly kelly a striper?

well kinda she would stripper on t.v on ECW but other than that i say no

When did kelly kelly started in WWE?

WWE - 2008 Before that she was in ECW for 2 years since 2006