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Q: Did henry and anelka Play together at arsenal?
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Players to play for arsenal and Chelsea?


Who played for arsenal then went on to play for real Madrid?

Nicolas Anelka Also Emmanuel Adebayor.

Which football club thierry Henry play for before arsenal?


Did thierry henry play for arsenal?

yes, scoring 226 goals for them.

What players have played for 2 of the premierships top 4 teams?

1. Mark Bosnich (Chelsea and Man Utd) 2.Juan Veron (Chelsea and Man Utd) 3. Mikel Silvestre (Man Utd and Arsenal) 4. Ashley Cole (Chelsea and Arsenal) 5.William Gallas (Chelsea and Arsenal) 6.Nicolas Anelka (Liverpool Chelsea and Arsenal) 7. Mark Hughes (Man Utd and Chelsea) 8. Paul Ince (Man Utd and Liverpool) 9. Jermain Pennant ( Arsenal later to Liverpool) 10. Lassnna Diarra (Chelsea and Arsenal) 11. Emmanuel Pettit (Arsenal and Chelsea) 12. Steve Sidwell (Arsenal and Chelsea) 13. Bolo Zenden (Chelsea and Liverpool)

How many trophies has Nicolas anelka won?

Nicolas Anelka currently has 113 goals to his name in English Premier League play. Arsenal (96-99): 23 Goals Liverpool (01-02): 4 Goals Manchester City (02-05): 37 Goals Bolton Wanderers (06-08): 21 Goals Chelsea (07-10): 28 Goals

Why does Anelka not play in many games for Chelsea anymore?

Anelka does not play a lot because he is not doing good at training

A french footballer who played for arsanal?

Thierry Henry is French and did once play for arsenal.

Who does Nicolas Anelka play for?


What international football team does Nicolas anelka play for?

Nicholas Anelka plays for the French team.

Which country does Nicolas Anelka play for?

Nicolas Anelka plays for France. And club football for Chelsea.

Who did anelka play for before Chelsea?