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He has being WBC Heavyweight Champion. I don't know if that is the british heavyweight title.

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Q: Did frank Bruno win the British heavyweight title?
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What is Frank Bruno famous for?

Frank Bruno is a British boxer. He was born November 1961. 1995 was the year he won the heavyweight title fight; however he lost the title six months later.

Did frank Bruno win the world title?

Bruno won the wbc heavyweight title 2nd September 1995 beating Oliver McCall who beat Lennox Lewis.

Who did Mike Tyson beat in 1996 in boxing?

Frank Bruno for the wbc heavyweight title, and Bruce Seldon for the wba version.

What year did Frank Bruno win the world heavyweight title?

2nd September 1995

How old was randolph turpin when he first won the heavyweight title?

Randy Turpin never fought in the Heavyweight division. He did hold the Middleweight title at British, Commonwealth, European and World level. However he did move up to Light-Heavyweight and claimed the British and Commonwealth title.

Is Mike Tyson a two-time heavyweight champion of the world?

Tyson won his first title, the WBC heavyweight title, in 1986 when he TKOed Trevor Berbick in the second round. He won the WBA heavyweight title by beating Bonecrusher Smith by a unanimous decision in 1987. He then won the IBF heavyweight title by beating Tony Tucker in a unanimous decision, also in 1987. He became the 'undisputed' heavyweight champion of the world. Tyson lost the 'undisputed' title to Buster Douglas in 1990. He won back the WBC title from Frank Bruno and the WBA title from Bruce Seldon in 1996. He lost the WBA title to Evender Holyfield in 1997 and was stripped of the WBC title shortly after winning it for not agreeing to fight Lennox Lewis.

Who was the first british heavyweight champion of the world?

The first brit to win a world title @ heavyweight was Bob Fitzsimmons.

How many belts does Lennox Lewis have?

World Titles. WBC heavyweight title (1992-1994) WBC heavyweight title (1997-2003) Lineal heavyweight title (1998-2003) IBF heavyweight title (1999-2002) WBA heavyweight title (1999-2000), IBO heavyweight title (1999-2003)

What championship belts has Jeff hardy had?

NFWA heavyweight championship, NCW light-heavyweight title, omega new frontier title , NEW junior-heavyweight title, NDW light-heavyweight title, NWA 2000 tag-team champion, UWA middleweight title, omega tag-team title, WWF world tag-team title, WWF intercontinental heavyweight title, WWF world light-heavyweight title, WWF hardcore title, WCW world tag-team title, WWE European heavyweight title. If you want to look for yourself go to

What year did Greg Page win the heavyweight title?

Greg Page's first title was the USBC Heavyweight title which he won from Stan Ward in 1980. His world title was the WBA Heavyweight title which he won from Gerrie Coetzee in 1984.

Who was the longest reining WWE heavyweight champion?

Triple H Was The longest Reigning Champion In WWF...In WWE Batista Was The Longest Reigning Champion In Smackdown!

How many times has aj styles held the Tna world heavyweight title?

he has won the NWA heavyweight title 3 times in TNA and has won the TNA heavyweight title once