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yes ... Dhyan Chand scored 101 goals at the Olympic games and 300 goals in other international matches and his record is unbroken.

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Q: Did dhyan chand scored 101 goals at olympic games?
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Dhyan chand award is relatd to which sports?

The Dhyan Chand Award is India's highest award for lifetime achievement in sports and games. Recipients have been sportspersons from Basketball, Hockey, Boxing, Volleyball, Rowing, Athletics and Snooker & Billiards.

Who is the team captain of India that won gold medal at the 1928 olympic games?

Major Dhyan 'Chand' Singh, widely regarded as the greatest hockey player of all time, was the captain of the Indian National Hockey Team that won the gold medal at 1928 Amsterdam Olympic Games.

Who scored the most points in the olympic of 2012 basketball for u.s.a?

Basketball who in the 2012 olympic games scored the most points

What was Evan Lysacek's 2010 Olympic score?

Evan Lysacek scored 257.67 points in total in the Olympic games.

Is the summer Olympic games and the Olympic games the same?

Yes. The Olympic Games include the Summer and Winter Olympic Games. Summer Olympic Games is said to separate it from the Winter Olympic Games.

Who scored the most points in a men's olympic basketball game?

Oscar Schmidt of Brazil scored 55 points against Spain in a game at the 1988 Summer Games in Seoul. He had an average that year of 42.3 points per game which is also an Olympic record.

What Olympic games were cancelled because of the Olympic games?

the olympic games, of course!

How many goals has Joe Ingles scored in the Olympic games?

Joe Ingles scored 24 points in 6 games, averaging 4.0 points per game. He was absent from one match and did not play. He scored the most points in a game against USA in Quarterfinals, 11 points.

Who scored the most points at the 1992 men's olympic basketball game?

I believe Oscar Schmidt of Brazilian National team scored the most points. He scored 198 points in 8 games, 24.8 points on average. I don't know if someone scored higher than him.

Where were the 1993 Olympic games?

There were no Olympic games in 1993. There were summer Olympic games in 1992 and 1996. There were winter Olympic games in 1992 and 1994.

How many Olympic games has Roberto Luongo been in?

1 because when Sidney crosbey scored, he was the goalie for the Canadian team! AMERICA SUCKS!

How are the Olympic games similar to your Olympic games?


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