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No. David Beckham left for Real Madrid right before Ronaldo arrived in Manchester

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โˆ™ 2009-06-15 01:30:43
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Q: Did beckham and ronaldo play together for man utd?
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Who has played for Madrid and man utd?

david beckham and Cristiano ronaldo :)

Who is better than beckham and Cristiano Ronaldo?

there are couple who are better then beckham like wanye rooney gerrard but the is just 1 man better then cristiano ronaldo that is LEONEL MESSI

Does ronaldo play for man utd?

Chrisiano Ronaldo plays for man u, but the other Ronaldo from Brazil plays on AC Milan

Who has wore the number 7 for man united down the years?

Eric Cantona David Beckham Cristiano Ronaldo

Is ronaldo to fat to play fotball?

Yes Man.

Name four man united players that have transfered to realmadrid?

David Beckham Ruud Van Nistelrooy Gabriel Heinze ronaldo

What teams do Cristiano Ronaldo dos Santos play for?

man utd

What team does Cristiano Ronaldo play for in fifa 09?

This is a no brainer. Man U M an U MAN U MAN U MAN U rONALDO WHAT A GOAL!!!! go AS ROMA Barcelona

What team does Christaino Ronaldo play on?

Cristiano Ronaldo used to play for Manchester United (GO MAN U GO) He now plays for Real Madrid

Does Ronoldo play still for man you?

first of all its spelled ronaldo and second which ronaldo are you talking about? (r9) which is the original ronaldo or crisitano ronaldo (cr7 or cr9).Neither of the two play in Manchester united cause cr7 is playing for real Madrid.

Who has worn number 7 shirt for man united?

Eric Cantona, David Beckham, Cristiano Ronaldo, Michael Owen Don't forget George Best

Who wore the number 7 shirt for man utd?

The players who wore number 7 were Brian Robson, Eric Cantona, David Beckham, Christiano Ronaldo.

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