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Yes. In 1990, a lockout by Major League Baseball canceled much of spring training and pushed back opening day. Because of the shortened spring training, teams were allowed to keep 28 players on their roster until May 1.

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Q: Did baseball ever allow 28 player rosters until May 1st?
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Are there any sport that has twenty-five people in a team?

Major League Baseball rosters consist of 25 players from the start of the season in early April until August 31. As of September 1, teams are allowed to expand their rosters to 40 players until the season ends (usually first week of October).

How many players are on an Major League Baseball baseball team?

MLB rosters include 40 players, but only 25 may be active at any time during the regular season. On September 1st of each season, teams may increase their active roster up to the 40 player limit until the end of the regular season. Most teams, however, increase their active roster by less than the 40 player limit.

How many players are in the baseball team?

There's a maximum of 25 to a Major League Baseball Roster from the start of the Regular Season until September 1 then the maximum is increased to 40 but it is decreased back to 25 once the Playoffs start. There's no limit to rosters during Spring Training.

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Can a baseball player play high school and still play in a league?

No. IF you are on a high school baseball team you can have nothing to do with your travel baseball team until the high school season has ended.

Did negros play major legauge baseball until 1974?

The first player from the negro leagues to play major league baseball was back in 1947 by Jackie Robinson.

What is a baseball roster?

A baseball roster is a roster that typically consists of active players for a baseball game such as for example in Major League Baseball all 30 teams have a 25-man roster starting from Opening Day of the regular season until and including games on August 31st however starting on September 1st all teams are allowed to call up any players that are not on their 25-man roster but are currently on their 40-man roster, teams will have 40-man rosters as their active roster until the end of the season.

First player to hold out for more money?

The first player in Major League Baseball was George Henry "Babe" Ruth. He did not play for the Yankees until his pay was raised in 1926.

Was there ever a pro sports player in any sport with the last name wheat?

Zachariah Davis "Zack" Wheat was a major league baseball player with Brooklyn (NL) from 1909 until 1926, and Philadelphia (1927). He is a member of the Baseball Hall of Fame.

What baseball player hit his 715 th home run in 1914?

Nobody hit his 715th home run until 1974.

Do baseball players answer fan letters?

Write to the player you are a fan of and see if they respond. The more famous the player the more likely they will not respond personally but have a secretary will do it for them if they respond at all. You will not know until you try

How many players does it take to make a full roster in baseball?

On a standard, regular season roster -- it happens to be 25 players. Rosters expand to 40 players after September first... The makeup of these rosters (how many position players and how many pitchers) are determined by management of the team (coaches, the manager and the general manager).

How do you determine what team an autographed ball is from?

Find a player on the baseball and Google the name to find out what team he played for do this with a couple of players until you see what team they all have in common. Once you find the team you need to figure out the year. Visit the Team Signed Baseball Price Guide link I left below. The price guide features links to full team rosters to help you figure out what year the baseball is from. Searching for the players that played the least amount of time for the team will help you figure it out quicker. Once you have narrowed it down to one year the price guide also provides a list of key signatures for that year. These signatures are the most important on getting top value. If the baseball is of various players from different teams you have a Multi signed baseball, and the baseball could have less value

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Have an autographed baseball trying to find player?

The easiest thing to do would be to post a picture of the signed baseball on a baseball collectors forum and hope someone can help you identify the signature. You can also do some detective work, and narrow down the possibilities then research the baseball online looking for images of the same signature. The origin of the baseball might help figure out what team the player that signed the baseball was on. Trace the baseball as far back as possible to the city of it's origin, or to where you found the baseball. Once you have figured out what city the baseball originated from find the closest Major League team to that city. If the baseball was found in New York for example the possibilities could be both the Mets, and the Yankees but it could also be from the older teams that have left New York like the Dodgers, and the Giants so the age of the baseball might be important as well. If the baseball that the signature is on is an official Major League baseball check the name of the league president. This will help date the baseball, and might help determine what era the player signature is from. Now with this info try to figure out at least the initials of the player. Once you have an idea of the players initials take the information for example: initials "BR" Now start your research for a player with the first name starting with "B" the last name starting with "R" from a team playing in the city of New York, signed on a Joe Cronin American League baseball. Taking note that the length of the name is too long to be Babe Ruth, and the baseball was made after Babe Ruth passed away you can rule him out. Bobby Richardson could be a possibility. Do a search on line for players that played for New York teams, list them and start searching for single signed baseballs for each name until you find a matching image. If you have no luck then the player might be from another team. Baseball-almanac (Link below) has a complete all time list of Major League players from A-Z look for possibilities and start the search again using as many letters in the name as possible. Baseball-Almanac also has team rosters year by year.

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Maybe you are looking for "Shoeless" Joe Jackson? He played Major League Baseball in the early 1900s until he was banned from baseball for participating in the famous "Black Sox Scandal" where some Chicago White Sox players tried to fix the 1919 World Series.