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Lacrosse for 3 months

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Q: Did babe Ruth play other sports than baseball?
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What sports were popular in the 1900 ad?

Baseball with you host, Babe Ruth!

How is Babe Ruth different from other people?

Babe Ruth was, in his lifetime, the most famous baseball player in the world.

What other jobs did Babe Ruth have?

Babe ruth also workd for the American Legion Junior Baseball program.

What did Babe Ruth do other than baseball?


What was Babe Ruth know for?

Babe Ruth was a baseball star.

What other job did Babe Ruth have other then a baseball player?


Who is the best at sports?

Micheal Jordan at basketball Babe Ruth at baseball Joe Montan at football

What did Babe Ruth do for a living other than baseball?


Babe Ruth played which sport?

Babe Ruth played baseball

Is babe Ruth colored?

no babe ruth was the whitest cracker in baseball

When was the first Babe Ruth baseball card made?

The 1914 Babe Ruth baseball card, produced by the Baltimore Sun Newspaper was the first Babe Ruth card.

What is the value of a basketball autographed by Babe Ruth?

Babe Ruth signed basketballBabe Ruth did play other sports but will not be identified with any other but baseball. The most preferred item for a Babe Ruth signature would be a baseball, but the unique nature of the signed vintage basketball would make a neat display. A Babe Ruth signed baseball in general is worth about $6,000.-$10,000. and i could see the basketball selling for more. The type of authenticity that accompanies the signature, and how well the signature is displayed on the basketball will effect the value. Signatures that have not been properly authenticated could sell at half the market value or less.