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Well... I'm not sure what one your'e talking about, there were 3 fights between ali and fraizer, the first fight fraizer won in ko, the second ali won ko and the third ali won by ko in the 15th round. Hope this helps!

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Q: Did ali win the big fight with fraizer or did fraizer win?
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If ali and Tyson fight who would win?

ali to do what he did to george foreman

Who would win in a fight muhhammad ali or Kane?

Kane will obviously win, Muhhammad Ali is to old. <3

Who would win in boxing sunny liston or joe fraizer?


Who would win in fight between Mike Tyson or Muhammad ali?

i think Tyson will win

Who would win in a fight between Mike Tyson and Mahmoud Ali?

mike Tyson would win if both boxers were in their prime.

Who would win in a fight Mike Tyson or Muhammad Ali?

Muhammad Ali would beat Mike Tyson.

Which would win a fight marciano or ali?

I think that marciano pound for pound is better but,Ali is faster and was a better fighter with harder fights

Who would win in a fight between Cassius clay vs Muhammad ali?

They are the same person. If you are asking "what would happen if Muhammad Ali's older self went back in time to fight his younger self," then the older, more experienced version would win.

Who would win in a fight big foot or hulk?

hulk is beter than big foot

Who would win if a fight Tyson or Ali?

other people might not agree but i would have to go with ali, i just think that ali would be to quick for Tyson and that in the dying rounds Tyson would be getting tired and ali would wallop him ali would own Tyson if he can do it once he can do anyday Tyson would never win in a fight with ali

What year did Ali and Norton fight?

they fought three times they met twice in 1973, norton won the first, ali won the second, then they met again in 1976 for Ali's world title, and ali won a controversion decison.

How many fights did Clay or Ali fight in Toronto and who?

Ali only had the one fight in Toronto against George Chuvalo in 29th of March 1966. He was defending his World title for the 3rd time and claimed a points win over the granite-chinned Canadian ALI HAD TO FIGHT THAT GRUELING FIGHT IN T.O. THE AMERICAN GOVT IN ALL THERE WISDOM REVOLKED HIS LICENCE FOR SOMETHING THE MAN BELIEVED IN. RODHOOK