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Q: Did ac Milan win a game in the 2009 tournament?
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Who will win the Italian league on 2009?

Inter milan, For a fact

Who is going to win the IFBL tournament in 2009-2010 for 6th grade?

St. Matthews catholic school will win the IFBL basketball tournament.

When was the last time Tiger Woods won a golf tournament?

2009; Tiger Woods' last win in a golf tournament was at the 2009 WGC Bridgestone Invitational.

How much do darts players earn?

they win £12.50 every game they win. and £20 for every tournament they win.

How do you get masked Kane on smackdown vs raw 2009 psp?

Win the tournament mode

What tennis tournament did Roger Federer win for the first time in 2009?

The French Open.

How to win a game of poker?

To win a game of poker (tournament type poker) you need to win every chip in the game. Each player starts with a certain amount of chips, it is your goal to win all these chips in order to win the tournament you're playing. Chips are won by winning hands you're playing against opponents.

Who is going to win the WWE champion in 2009 night of champions?

I think hhh will win tournament and randy orton will retain

What is a sentence for the word tournament?

Lancelot, did you win the tournament?

How do you finish a swagbucks game tournament?

All yo do is complete your game and then wait for the others to complete theirs, and then you will see who will win.

Inter milan won serie a how many times?

They have won it 17 times, and are on course to win their 18th in 2009/2010.

Who did win in the football tournament?


Who would win in a fight Milan Lucic or Georges Laraque?

Milan Lucic

Who will win the 2008 big east tournament?

PITT will win

How do you win every game in football manager 2009?

To win every game all you have to do is save the game and then play a match. If you win carry on and do the same again but if you lose restart the game until you win. HOPE THIS HELPS

Who earns the win for the 2009 All-Star Game?


What is a tournament?

A tournament is a game thing that everyone vs 1 opponent. then the people who win the game vs another person. they keep going til the last person remains. the 2nd last game is called the semifinal. unlimited people can play in 1 game.

What was the lowest seeded team to ever win the tournament?

8 seed is the highest to ever win the tournament with villanova in 1985

If There are 8 teams in a single elimination basketball tournament how many games must a team win to win the tournament?


What was the lowest ranked team to win the NCAA tournament?

Villanova was the lowest seed to win the tournament as an 8 seed in 1985.

How do you win soccer tournament?

you must practice until you are good enough to be in a tournament.

How do teams qualify for the NCAA tournament?

win conference tournament or get an at-large bid

Who was the lowest seed to win a game in the NCAA tournament?

The lowest seed to ever win a game in the tournament was a 16th seed; it happened in 2018 when the University of Maryland - Baltimore County (16th seed in the South) beat the University of Virginia (1st seed in the South) by a score of 74 - 54.

Did Roger Federer win the French Open tennis title?

Roger Federer won the French Open at Roland Garros in 2009. This is the only time he has recorded a win in this tournament.

How much do quarterfinalist win in the US Open tennis tournament?

Quarterfinalists in the Us Open Grand Slam tournament win about $237,500.