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Yes the Super Bowl

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Q: Did a professional football team ever play in Stanford Stadium?
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Has Stanford university ever won a football national championship?


Was the width of the goal posts for professional football ever changed?

what is the width of a professional football goal post

Which was the biggest football stadium ever built?

the saltlake stadium in India holds 120,000

Did women ever play professional football?

yes, they do Click on the 'Women's Professional Football League' link on this page to read the history of women in professional football.

Where was the first football stadium ever built in US?

in canton ohio michael pond stadium

Did darius rucker play football?

No he did not ever play professional football

Did the Detroit Lions ever play a game in Michigan Stadium?

I found the answer before anyone even had a chance to reply.....The Detroit Lions did play a professional football game in Michigan Stadium, on September 22, 1971. They played the defending champion Baltimore Colts.

Has anyone ever died within old trafford football stadium?

Yes a workman fell to his death when the stadium was extended.

Who is the oldest player ever to play in a professional football soccer match?

The oldest player ever to play in a professional football soccer match was Billy Meredith - Wales (45 year, 8 months)

Has there ever been a Chinese professional football player?


Capacity for people in south Africa football stadium?

The main stadium, called Soccer City, can seat 95 thousand people. It is the biggest world cup stadium ever.

Who played professional baseball and then switched to play professional football?

no one ever made that switch in that order

Has there ever been a Black head football and basketball coach for a division 1 school at the same time?

Stanford University. David Shaw is the football coach and Johnny Dawkins is the bball coach. Just hired a black athletic director at Stanford too. #gocard

Who was the tallest professional football player ever?

Bob Bobinghanger was 7'7".

Have you ever heard of Leonard Bryan?

He is a professional American football player.

Who is the Largest quarterback to ever play professional football?

Jared lorenzen

What is the largest number ever in attendance at football stadium?

The largest attendance at a NFL football game was at the Dallas Cowboys hoem opener at the new Te xas Stadium, there were 180,532 fans in attendance.

Has a football team ever hosted a Super Bowl game in their own stadium?

As of the 2007 season, no Super Bowl team has played in their home stadium. The closest a Super Bowl team has been to playing at home was Super Bowl XIV when the Los Angeles Rams played the Pittsburgh Steelers at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, California and Super Bowl XIX when the San Francisco 49ers played the Miami Dolphins at Stanford Stadium.

Has any city ever hosted a super bowl and had their home team play in same year?

The closest to this happening was when the San Francisco 49ers played the Miami Dolphins at Stanford Stadium in Palo Alto California. San Francisco play their home games at Candle Stick Park which is only 18 miles from Stanford Stadium in Palo Alto.

Has Stanford football ever beaten an SEC team?

Yes, Stanford defeated Georgia, 25-22, in the 1978 Bluebonnet Bowl and LSU, 24-14, in the 1977 Sun Bowl. The 1978 game was the last time Stanford played an SEC team.

Who is the greatest professional American football player to ever live?

Ryan Leaf

Did Mel Kiper play college football?

Mel Kiper didn't ever play college football or professional football. He went to community college of baltimore county.

What is the biggest stadium ever?

Correct answer is Indianapolis Speedway seats 250,000 but for football it is the dallas cowboys stadium... most of the infromation could be found on google... :)

Tallest pro football player ever?

Richard Sligh is the tallest player to ever play professional football. Richard Sligh stood 7 feet tall and played for the Oakland Raiders.

What is the most frequent sporting event in Wembley Stadium?

Football... that's what its made for and only ever host that on a regular basis