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Q: Did a football player fell off a truck this month?
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How did they get the truck down in the dodge ram commercial?

It fell

Which former Sooner fell out of a truck?

Brent Rawls

Would a truck explode if it fell off a bridge?

if it fell in water no but into another hard platform probally

In the year of 1998 what month would have had a Wednesday that fell on the 13th?

May had a Wednesday that fell on the 13th.

What is the possessive form of the word truck?

The possessive form for the noun truck is truck's.Example: He wasn't injured in the accident, but the truck's front bumper fell off.

In what month and year did the Berlin wall fell?

The Berlin Wall "fell" on the night of 9-10 November,1989.

What do you do if you hang someone by there toes and their toes fell off?

You have to call a tow truck ( toe-truck ) Hahahaahahahaba lol too funny

How much rain fell in the wettest month?

21 feet of rain

How much snow fell in the month of January 2010?

It all depends on where you live. In January 2010, no snow fell in Australia.

What are the Ides?

The Ides are the middle of the month as opposed to the Calends which are the beginning of the month. Thus the Ides of March fell on March 15; the much less famous Calends of March fell on March 1

Whose insurance should pay for a dump truck losing a rock that broke your windshield?

if the rock fell off of the truck, truck pays. if the rock was slung up from the roadway, you pay.

Should you play football if you have a major headache?

No, never play football if you have headache. It will make you fell worse and worse. This is experience from me :(

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