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yes he does

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Q: Did Wilt Chamberlin ever play for the Harlemglobtrotters?
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Did wilt chamberlin play in any movies?


Did Wilt ever play a game in which he never scored a point?


Did Wilt Chamberlain ever play for the New York Knicks?


What teams did Wilt Chamberlin play for?

Wilt the stilts player for his and mine hometown team the Philadelphia 76ers/Warriors for most of his career until 1968 when Philly traded him for Darrall Imhoff, Jerry chambers, and Archie Clark. But he did also play for the Harlem globetrotters before he even when into the NBA.

What did wilt chamberlain play after basketball?

After basketball, Wilt Chamberlain played volleyball.

Where did Wilt Chamberlin play College basketball?

Kansas University, or KU. He chose the University of Kansas because of the recruiting by Hall of Fame coach Phog Allen, who easily persuaded Wilt to come to the Midwest. he scored 52 points in his first varsity game and led the Jayhawks to the national championship game in his first season, only to lose to North Carolina in double overtime. He averaged over thirty points a game and was selected to be an All-American twice. Wilt left after his junior year to play in the NBA.

Who is better Kobe wilt chamberlan?

if we talking about individual play.,no one can ever reach the Stilt/the Depth WIlt CHamberlain record.,maybe someday. but now its clear, nobody can touch the record of Wilt Chamberlain. but when we talk about team play.,Kobe or Magic.,John Havlicek or Michael and the master Bill Russell should win this category.

Who was the best man ever to play the basketball?

no one is truly "the best player" but some names are Michael Jordan, kareem Abdul-jabbar and wilt chamberlain

What postition did Wilt Chamberlain play?

Point guard

Did Wilt Chamberlain play basketball?

yes, he is considered one of the greatest centers ever. He has the record for one hundred points in one game, in front of Kobe Bryant.

Who did Wilt Chamberlain play with?

Wilt's first two professional teams : 1. The Harlem Globetrotters 2. Philadelphia Warriors

How many years did Wilt Chamberlain play in the nba?