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Yes, William G Morgan did get married. He got married to Marry King.

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Q: Did William G Morgan get married?
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Who is the person who discover the volleyball?

William G. Morgan

Who start volleyball?

William G. Morgan invented volleyball

When was William g Morgan born?

William G. Morgan was born in 1870.

Who is William g Morgans wife?

William G Morgan [inventor of volleyball] married, Mary King, the young lady who played the piano accompaniment for the group of student at the school he attended.

When was William G. Morgan House created?

William G. Morgan House was created in 1849.

Who is said to the father of volleyball?

William G. Morgan

When was William g Morgan birthday?

William G. Morgan's birthday is January 23, 1870. William Morgan was born in New York and is the inventor of volleyball.

What is William g Morgan's middle name?

William G. Morgan's middle name is George. William Morgan is most known for inventing the sport of volleyball in 1895.

When did William G. Morgan die?

The inventor of volleyball passed away in 1942.

When and where did William G. Morgan die?

William G. Morgan died on December 27, 1942, in Lockport, New York.

Did William G. Morgan have kids?

No William George Morgan did not have and kids I hope this is a lot more useful than the other LAME!!!!!!!!! answer than that other person put

Who implemented volleyball?

William G. Morgan