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i think so

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Q: Did Venus and Serena ever play against each other?
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Did Venus's beat Serena in tennis?

Well, they beat each other quite a lot.. But one isnt more dominant than another, but i think serena is a bit stronger and she has a little more of an advantage. But yea, venus has beaten serena.

How many times has Venus and Serena played each other in a grand slam singles final?


Name the sisters who faced each other at Wimbledon?

We have to back to 1884 to find the first sisters to face each other in a Wimbledon Final. They were Maud and Lillian Watson, with Maud beating Lillian 6-8, 6-3, 6-3 Sisters faced each other once again in 2002 and 2003 when Serena and Venus Williams played the finals, with Serena beating Venus both times.

Who is better Serena Williams or Venus Williams?

For a start, both are wonderful tennis players and each have different techniques. Venus has a huge serve while the forehand of Serena is one of the strongest in the women's category.Both play marvelous tennis. And you can confirm that when you see the sisters playing each other.

How many times did the Williams sisters meet in the Wimbledon finals?

Venus and Serena Williams have, as of June 2012, met a total of 4 times in a Wimbledon final. Venus has won 1 of these matches (2008) and Serena has won 3 of these meetings (2002, 2003 and 2009) In addition to this, they also met each other in the 2000 semi final, which was won by Venus.

What do the siblings of venus and Serena Williams do for a living?

the sisters both are the same because even though Venus started before Serena , Serena cough up.Rodger Federer -vs- Serena Williams cannot be measured simply by saying a male will beat a female in head-to-head competition - that is an idiot answer. The proper way to measure who is the better is to look at how each does in their sport (obviously), and the level of competition each has faced.1. Serena has more combined Grand Slam victories than Rodger (Serena 30, Rodger 17)2. Serena has faced more top-level champions (Seles,Pierce,Hingis, Davenport, Capperiti,Henin,Clisters,Sharapova) over her career than Rodger and has a winning record against all of them.3. Serena is still the most feared and dominant player in her sport; Rodger is not.4. Serena has mainly played part-time whereas Rodger has always played full-time with practically no injuries.5. Clearly Serena is better than Rodger (A\Steffi Graff is also better than Rodger)

Why does Venus Williams always let sister Serena win when they play championship matches?

That is not necessarily true. Serena has played her sister Venus 12 times in Grand Slam singles tournaments and 11 times in other tournaments (including 11 finals). She has a three match lead in the head-to-head series, 13-10 (including the last 4 in a row). They are the only women during the open era to have played each other in four consecutive Grand Slam singles finals. Currently Venus has 43 career tennis titles, while Serena has 37.

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