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He has not lost in 2008 and 2009.

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Q: Did Usain Bolt win all his events?
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Who else was favourite to win the same events as Usain Bolt?

Asafa Powell

How many medals did Usain Bolt win in total?

usain bolt won 5 medals

What goals did Usain Bolt set?


How many medals did Usain Bolt win in 2008?

Usain Bolt won 2 Gold medals

Did Usain Bolt win any medals?


What year did Usain Bolt win his medals?

in 1999

How many awards did Usain Bolt win?


How many sliver medals did usain bolt win?


Where did Usain Bolt win his 3 gold medals?

in beijing

How many gold medals did Usain Bolt win?

bolt won 3 gold medals

What year did usain bolt win his first gold medal?


How many medals did Usain Bolt win in his entire life?


When did Usain Bolt win the 100m race?

he won on the 12 august.

Did Usain Bolt stop running?

because he making is country win

How much money did Usain Bolt win for a gold medal?

25,000 dollars

Was there a favourite to win for the Olympics?

Usain bolt of course fastest man on earth

What medal did usain bolt win for 2012 track and field Olympics?


Who is the only man to win the 100m srint twice at the Olympics?

Usain Bolt

When will Usain Bolt retire?

He will retire when he win In London by akaylia palmer from Jamaica

How many medals did Usain Bolt win 2004 Olympics?

Usain Bolt did not win any medals at the 2004 Olympic Games. He competed in the 200 metres but was eliminated in the first round. He did not win any medals until the following Olympics, in 2008.

Who would win if ronaldo and usain bolt have running race?

Usain because he won the olympics but Ronaldo is just a football player!

What awards did Usain bolt win?

he won a gold medal and 2 silver medals

What year did Usain Bolt win this 1st Olympic gold medal?

2009 x

How many silver medals did usain bolt win in the 2008 Olympics?

0. All his medals were gold.

Can chris Johnson beat Usain Bolt in a race?

Yes chris Johnson would win because Chris Johnson is thee unholy ruler of the dark underworld of speed and Usain Bolt is just a mere mortal.