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Yes. Or did one of the other brothers... :lol yah I'm pretty sure.

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Q: Did Tom Brady throw the football that broke Marsha brady's nose?
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Who threw the football at marcia in the brady bunch?

Peter threw the football at Marcia which Doug Simpson broke their date just of her swollen nose.

Who Broke Marsha's nose on The Brady Bunch?

Two of her male siblings were playing American Football. The youngest Brady Bobby and the middle child Peter. Greg was no where to be seen at this moment. He is the oldest of the boys. When Bobby went long, Peter threw the ball...over Bobby, right in to the leftside of her face and shoulder(this based on the Brady Bunch season 4 episode 18 the subject is Noses) This is also the episode where "something suddenly came up". This is the way it happend on screen. In real life the shot went different. When the scene starts where Marcia walks through the patiodoor to call the boys, It was the creator and producer Sherwood Schwartz his son, who threw the ball at Marcia.

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The boys broke the window when they were playing the football o the boys broke the window when they played football?

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Brady bunch Episode when marcia broke her nose?

It was Season 4 episode 18 titled "the Subject was Noses"

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