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Yes he did.

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Q: Did Tim Tebow start against LSU in 2007?
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Was Tim Tebow ready to play LSU in 2009 after his concussion?

Yes. Tebow was cleared to play against LSU after he suffered a concussion two weeks beforehand while playing Kentucky.

Did Tim Tebow go to LSU?

No. Tim Tebow attended college at the University of Florida.

Was Tim Tebow okay as of 2009?

Yes. He suffered a concussion during a game against Kentucky but was cleared to play two weeks later against LSU.

Did Tim Tebow miss any games when he had a concussion?

He missed the remainder of the game he suffered the concussion in, but the Gators had a bye week the following week and Tebow was cleared to play against LSU, two weeks after he suffered the concussion.

What is LSU's record against Southern California in football?

As of the start of the 2007 season, LSU and USC have played twice and the series is at 1-1. USC won in Baton Rouge, 17-12, in 1979 and LSU won in Los Angeles, 23-3, in 1984.

Who won the college football national championship 2008?

LSU LSU won the 2008 BCS championship game against Ohio State but it was for the 2007 season. Florida was national champs in 2008.

What is the Miami hurricanes all time football record against lsu?

Miami is 3-9 against LSU.

Is LSU considered 2007 champion or 2008 champion?


Who did lsu play in the 2007 national championship in college football?

Ohio state lsu ftw!!!

Who was the winner of the 2007 bcs championship?


What was LSU record when they won the national championship?

2007 LSU team was 12-2 2003 LSU team was 13-1 1958 LSU team was 11-0

What is LSU's record against Georgia in football?

LSU's record vs Georgia is 16-13-1.

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